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Former Terp Da'rel Scott on his rookie appearance in the Super Bowl-2/2



CSN Washington dot com. It's. All with like. This is not expect to come offers offers. An anecdote I mean doesn't just answer right now. They've told you right this doesn't happen every year that you really got to appreciate the moment exactly mean there's -- bat it mainly Tutsis and the NC -- -- -- -- -- got a extra chances must decades you never know what can make it back here again. What's it like that fact filled with Jacobson and -- I mean they're great guys that mean that they're great backs a lot from so. Is hoping next here connection be a better -- team and Emeka made an impact. What have you learned. This year coming from Maryland's. Make -- transition into now what's the biggest lesson. Is it is business spectacles in that makes appointments and things to see guys come in and now. It's on these tendencies -- points like anybody estimate please take anybody. Can't -- this let me terps Torrey Smith obviously had a great season yeah I mean he had a great season definitely -- was the best hormone. -- that -- laws passed me on me I mean at lucky to have him on agent -- from the mono. I appreciate your time a lot present. CSN Washington dot com.


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