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CSN Washington dot com. Welcome Mets fans and thanks for joining about joining us on another episode of beltway baseball live presented by The Washington Times. I'm chase -- of mark Zuckerman. And then to come back of The Washington Times. Well guys we had a show planned -- but. Cabrera might as well furthest thing away and we had to reorganize everything some breaking news in that town Edwin Jackson. Agreed to a one year deal with the natural World Series champion. What's your answer reaction on the first thought was like wow and this is a name that we had heard of for a while -- connection with them but I think once they made did you -- -- straight. -- -- thought -- probably done as far as rotation goes. Big name guy. Gonna cost -- some serious money would off final terms yet but we're looking. 812 million dollars for a guy who has some really high highs and some -- look who is also in his career. It's an -- also log -- and rotation and get to but. Certainly the power arms are gonna have in this rotation now that aren't allowed -- to compare with. Now I'm my first thought was this is a very deep rotation you know we're looking -- -- a possible four game series. Stephen Strasburg Jordan Zimmermann you Gonzales and Jackson there's not too many teams that bat sounds good. To come up against and so you know I mean it's it's gonna cost them a logjam but. You know I was tight and one team source about it right after it happened you know they said to -- there's there's no rule against coming into spring training with -- five pitchers right then you know so -- -- it's going to be an extremely compelling battle this spring and see what happens you know obviously there are other things they can do -- some but. It's it's definitely probably one of the deepest rotations immediately. Mark you mentioned he's a power arm he had one of the fastest average velocity for a fastball last season. Does this represent a complete change of -- philosophy for the national well I -- Mike Rizzo has always talked about being big on these power on -- especially come to right handers so that's not. Necessarily all that surprising that he would target -- guy like that. By the same token yet they had for a long time here he's pitched to contact and Levon Hernandez John Lannan that's not what they're doing and I think more than Strasburg. Zimmerman and Jackson are all hard throwing guys GO. Is a little bit -- -- quite as hard but I still think -- -- little more of me he's he's not contact pitcher wouldn't put him in that. So that maybe -- Senators himself a ground ball pitcher but I don't think he's not soft toss or nothing thing out there. Didn't you know I think that it's definitely when you just think about what their rotation once last year. At the -- at opening day -- Hernandez John and Jason Marquis. You know I mean he's our name's John Lannan is is only holdover and Jordan Zimmermann from from monsters opening irritation that's pretty dramatic overhaul. I mean obviously you know Strasburg wasn't there for a reason but. This is the rotation now that that contains more power pitchers and more strong guy I think they've hatton in a long time ever is that grant has been yeah. And land in the guy who's gone from number one to number five in a pretty hurt us on five prayer or less than I've. Which brings us to our next point there's a trade rumor out there that the nationals may be shopping John -- for a position player. Perhaps the center fielder talk about that and just effect on the whole rotation is -- Yes well what a strange couple days here for Atlanta and he has his arbitration hearing yesterday. Finds out this morning that he lost which to make five dollars and 82% raise we just did a pretty good work if you get it. And now all of sudden you say -- -- spot for me as a patient. Would they move him sure but as we've seen my prison in the past he doesn't move that just for the sake of moving him unless there's -- serious problem there and there's not. So he's only gonna movement to get something in return and I think what you were saying before. They go to spring training they don't have to do something before. They can go there with seven guys and let it sort itself out scouts have been watching everybody. -- may be one of them more likely targets but I Hussein -- long at four million dollars coming up doesn't want Anderson the roster don't watch. Youngest of them the most controlled highest upside of them on that maybe he might not draw morning trade interest especially if they're look. And for real high position player return. I am but one other thing I think is important to remember is that Edwin Jackson signed a one year deal. John Lannan is under control for at least two more seasons including 2012. -- that Bleiler is under control from more than. You can't. Trade from those guys necessarily just to clear up for this one year deal and -- meanwhile is also on one year deal so if you're gonna trade one of those -- it better before a significant return because you're gonna have to filler spot in the rotation maybe not immediately but you well. And again and we said all along that anything they're doing while they may be more and a win now mode and never been in there still and it went a long term. Rep out everything that you asked me with their long term plan. Signing Edwin Jackson for one year may not necessarily signal that you would think. Boy it seems like they're really make -- run for a goal for now but now the point you raised earlier before we came on. If Jackson pitches really well. And if they're not right in the thick of the pennant race come July that's a guy who has World Series experience that maybe could bring something back on the trade side. Didn't do a lot of possibilities here different ways they can go and I think that's when Mike Rizzo wants that he doesn't want to be pigeon -- in -- I have to do this afternoon that I can do almost anything. No question and I think it's also important point out that didn't Edwin Jackson reportedly had multiple three year offers on the table. And this is clearly someone -- free agency took a different happened he was probably planning for and to do. But you know at the one year DL it it's it's almost like a mutually beneficial deal because. He can come to the nationals and as we were discussing earlier if he does really well he can be a valuable trade him to a contender. And I'm you know that. In irritation that he's in on the team he's on this is probably good spot for him have a one year deal to boost that's not for next year don't probably wanna go to the AL east you know -- there are different places. And so it seems like -- you know this was a pretty friendly deal for both sides when you consider that for one year. Now the nationals have clearly improved their starting rotation but they've also done some work to their bullpen. They signed Brad Lidge in other former Philadelphia Phillies world champion is coming to Washington. Two questions is it worth the gamble it's a one year deal. And doesn't have anything well does everything left we don't know he dealt with some serious injuries last year only pitched half season when he came back to pick. Pretty well he's not the same. Power guy that used to be when he was that save the World Series for them. Doesn't -- -- -- his slider still devastating when it's on. So is it worth it you know it's a one year one million dollar gamble. They're not asked him to be their closer in -- seventh inning guy at this point at a Clippers storm I say low risk high reward if it doesn't pan out what's the big loss if it does and a lot. Agree back in the rotation I couldn't agree more in my opinion there and there are very few bad one year deals. But I think that especially given the terms of his and he was given a pretty rigorous physical. -- before he signed so I think that there are pretty -- -- feeling pretty good that he is healthy. But don't forget you know last season we heard from Davey Johnson several times if you're gonna be. Want me games are so over 500 you have to have a close there and a back up closer and a back up here back up right yet because you can't be pitching the same guys every night you -- you just can't. On so this definitely fits with what game is looking for he's also battering guy that is. It extremely well five in the clubhouse and is very willing to talk to the young guys talked about his experiences this who has had significant struggles he's not just a guy that -- in the top he was a great pitcher -- -- -- and and you know we had this fairy tale story he went down -- the bottom several times and brought his way back up so. I think that he's definitely it's definitely worth the risk throwing -- The guy who may benefit from this most is actually tiger clipper in because here's a guy who any -- -- close game late and and unless it was the ninth inning he's gonna have to pitch. And well he's definitely a remarkable job. Of keeping up -- performance ever wants -- as well slip up and you -- man it's just been overworked how long can he hold on like this so to give him a little bit of break. Maybe there's a game that they're up 32 in the eighth inning he's pitched three days grow let him sit. -- Lincecum pitched that inning setup for story I think that. And it takes it takes a little bit of pressure also -- Henry Rodriguez. And you know this allows. Ryan -- to really prove himself and I know that that's probably not what he wants to hear because he did a heck of a job proving himself last year. But you know it's a competition is never bad fourteenth -- bad for individual players who thought they had a guaranteed spot. But it's never bad for a team in Matthews and -- -- able to have options that they kind of end up looking like how it back DO. On the notion of a backup plan do you think this was an insurance policy for storm sort of saved a lot of games last year but he's young. And say they they wanna win this year they have to have a backup plan for him. Yeah I. Obviously any with any closer whether he's done Ellis is Margaret there Trevor Hoffman you wanna have somebody to fill and even those guys and everybody gets hurt -- -- and have struggled some point I'm. I don't think this and anyway signals that they don't believe in store and then as the closer now we're down the road -- really like a lot but again but we're saying. Stockpile as many arms you can't and it's special in this case a guy who's been there and done it in the highest pressure situations that there are you know. I don't think Davey Johnson would hesitate for one minute to put Brad Lidge in the ninth inning of a pennant race game protect a one run lead if he had to -- In there and done in May and the tape putting areas. Right now and that's Harry that's filthy stuff but we've seen that you know he doesn't always have control and I'd let you know while you're adding. CSN Washington dot com.



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