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Beltway Baseball: Edwin Jackson signing - 2/2



  1. Jason Marquis2:18
  2. Levon Hernandez1:46
  3. John Lannan1:46, 2:21
  4. Jordan Zimmermann0:50, 2:23
  5. Stephen Strasburg0:49
  6. World Series champion0:07
  7. Edwin Jackson0:04
  8. Mike Rizzo1:31
  9. ground ball pitcher2:04
  10. spring training1:07
Thu, 2 Feb 2012|


CSN Baltimore dot com. Some breaking news in that town Edwin Jackson agreed to a one year deal with the natural World Series champion. What's your answer reaction on the first thought was like wow -- this is a name that we had heard of for a -- connection with them but I think once they made the Cubans out straight. We'll sort of thought -- probably done as far as rotation goes. Big name guy. Gonna cost -- some serious money -- off final terms yet but we're looking at anywhere from 812 million dollars for a guy who has some really high highs and some -- look who is also in his career. It's -- -- also log jam and rotation and get to but. Certainly the power arms are gonna have in this rotation now there are a lot of teams and compare with. Now I'm my first thought was this is a very deep rotation you know we're looking -- and a possible four game series. Stephen Strasburg Jordan Zimmermann you Gonzales and when Jackson there's not too many teams that -- sounds good. To come up against and so you know I mean it's it's gonna cost them a logjam but. You know I was I -- one team source about it. Right after it happened you know they say it's I mean there's there's no rule against coming into spring training with my five pitchers right then you know so in other it's going to be an extremely compelling battle this spring see what happens you know obviously there are other things they can do -- there's some but. It's it's definitely probably one of the deepest rotations in me. Mark you mentioned he's a power arm he had one of the fastest average velocity for a fastball last season. Does this represent a complete change of -- philosophy for the national well I mean Mike Rizzo has always talked about being big on these power on -- especially come to right handers so that's not. Necessarily all that surprising that he would target a guy like that. By the same token yet they have for a long time here he's pitched to contact -- and Levon Hernandez John Lannan that's not what they're definitely -- Strasburg. Zimmerman and Jackson are all hard throwing guys GO. Is a little bit doesn't throw quite as hard but I still think it is a little more today. He's he's not contact pitcher wouldn't put him in that. So that maybe he. Senators himself a ground ball pitcher but I don't think he's not soft toss or nothing -- it out there. Didn't you know I think that it's definitely when you just think about what their rotation once last year. At the L at opening day -- Hernandez John and Jason Marquis. You know I mean he's our name's John Lannan is is only holdover and Jordan Zimmermann from from last year's opening irritation that's pretty dramatic overhaul. I mean obviously you know Strasburg wasn't there for a reason but. This is a rotation now that that contains. More power pitchers and more strong guy I think they've hatton in a long time ever -- -- has been yeah I have. Csnbaltimore.com.

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