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CSN Washington dot com. Today taking on the Boston Bruins same team they -- twelve days ago 53 -- -- veteran missed that game back today first period. Which apparently to Milan Lucic. We'll move in front UT's nineteen goals he's made it one nothing's the same score -- the first Bruins on the fore check Patrice Bergeron. Forces the puck blues' Brad Marchand stuck to -- is nineteenth. Tuneup in Boston. Second period now -- -- goes poured into the boards hit by Dennis Seidenberg. We take another look at it did not look all that bad but why would not return you left on clock -- warned that just in the third period now it's -- out things. Dmitri for a long. This kid has no -- Second straight day gets -- right in the shop yesterday broken nose cap saying I don't think he'll miss any games eight minutes left now. The Green -- thing Thomas broke through Starks and offensive rot. -- all -- to -- -- or I'll row to Marcus Johansson and puts it in the middle of the flex him for the goal but the cap food fort once they remain in second place in southeast. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Patrice Bergeron0:20
  2. Brad Marchand0:22
  3. Dennis Seidenberg0:30
  4. Marcus Johansson1:01
  5. Milan Lucic0:12
  6. Boston0:04, 0:26
  7. Washington0:00, 1:11
  8. broken nose0:49
Sun, 5 Feb 2012|

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