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  1. Walter Johnson2:01
  2. Michael Phelps5:06
  3. Maryland4:10, 4:16, 4:40
  4. school senior1:57
  5. org checking5:24
  6. economic pressures4:11
  7. potential loss4:03
  8. summer's Olympic1:22
  9. private school0:45
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Let's talk a little bit now about the individuals and now let's start with the young man who was impressed us from job the pressure on the fifty -- hundred free. As a sophomore on the 200 -- And a hundred back and he's now a junior from good counsel Jack Conger. Certainly a young man with a huge future but even right now the present is just so bright out for the junior from that counts. That's right said he would cut Jack Conger King -- as we call -- the real deal he you know as a freshman. Big things in the fifty. You know right off the bat he wowed us and now he's gonna try again for that 53 and this time he's gonna try to do something really special at the high school level. But I really think he'll do which is go under twenty seconds that -- lottery the private school national record is in 1974. Look for him to put the hunt on. On that record to show you his versatility. He'll also so in the 500 free. That race will be spectacular will be paired up against -- Powell that should be a great showdown. But just to give me an idea of the of the talent Jack congress this past weekend at wind settles. I'm a 47300. Fly. He anchored his four by 100 free in a -- 43 point six this guy's not only making a name for himself he already has. For here for us locally but this guy somebody who nationally is being talked about and could certainly make a splash at this summer's Olympic trials. Well Jack Conger has got to be fair and not had much competition mattress but when he lines up -- that 500 free we expect. For him to get one heck of a race and Garrett -- young man who you know very well up through your coaching experience here in the area. He won the 500 a year ago with Tom for 29 point 12 pretty much running away with that in that winning back close to three seconds. In all American time. That event the 500 for you we are really looking ahead aren't we as the main event on Saturday night. What's -- -- Powell's of one of his last races as this as a high school senior here for for a program that he loves very much. Though the Walter Johnson wildcats Gary and Jack have had some great battles in the past both and PBS in high school I in the summer league and to be honest with you Garrett has often times had to place second fiddle to Jack and I think that. Jack is kind of taking a step -- to Garrett Powell's world hear us winning a longer event and Garrett is a big time racer I know he's excited for this event. And it promises to -- a great showdown between two great competitors and two good friends. Well I can guarantee that come our highlight package on Sunday that will be one of the featured races that we -- not one but two cameras on. Pilots are a little bit about the growth side of things and another good counsel tap -- of note that's there are -- now a senior how we saw her win as a sophomore with our win is a junior. Going under two minutes in the 200 I am -- setting her own record and then. Breaking her sister's record in a hundred breast but this is the young lady who. Just like with Jack Conger continues to impress and continues to not just rack up hardware but rack up -- record -- well. Said she already owns the national high school record 800 breast I think this year she has a very legitimate opportunity to. Go under a minute anytime you're talking about a big girl going it's a sub minute. Hundred yard breaststroke in high school you're talking about some of the very very best. She is an incredibly hard worker Stanford bound in the fall and you know we were sure we pressure you know great luck. Beyond -- Haas I want you to keep an eye on a couple of big time races on the girls side of fifty in the hundred -- will be exciting -- -- and re talk we'll have their work cut out for them as a freshman from -- arms. Carolina tiger will really turn some some heads. With her -- talent on the -- side. Check the hundred a hundred breaststroke out as a freshman from Georgetown prep part of that fab five class Carson disarray looks to put on -- -- Great stuff nick thank you for all your hard work as always before we get out here important now for us to mention you've been in this thing having him in the all your life I'm somewhat new to it. But that there is a potential loss in the swimming community that's that should. If at all possible be avoided now late last of the University of Maryland under economic pressures decided to cut. Eight programs to those programs -- -- Maryland swimming and diving. But there is an effort out there to save. Of these two programs which are key to swimming in this area you can visit a website saved UND swimming dot org and nick you and I've had countless conversations about this off camera. Of an important -- noted on camera. That if there's anything that stuff folks watching this video can do to support this great cause it is very important not just from Maryland swimming but for swimming in this area. And a big part of that is a great history that we have here mattress. So many of our great -- performers going on the sort of the University of Maryland. You know it -- program that has so much potential with that great facility. -- we did that great conference of the ACC. You know in this area where swimming is so rich in history and we produced constantly so many amazing swimmer at the Michael Phelps of the world decade -- of the world. It's very important for our league talent. To have a university. And close to home to go and swim four in the University of Maryland is very important to the swimming community here. -- what we will lie again give you that that you are Alexei UND swimming dot org checking out if he can't donate. Not to people who can because they are certainly trying to raise. A lot of money the bar was set very high by the administration over Maryland but that it RD in just a few short months. I -- gone over a million dollars raised which is very very impressive thing you know there's some people that are very committed to keeping the program a lot they need some help state UN -- from the I -- -- all right and it Kaufman on Sebastian south not thank you very much for check us out on CSN Washington dot com and remember. Come Sunday afternoon you can check -- out again both -- on CSN Washington dot com and on FaceBook as we've Buick full highlight package of all the action from -- -- --