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Metros Swimming 2012: Boys Preview - 2/8



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Thu, 9 Feb 2012|


Why let's talk a little bit about the boys now take a look at the 2011 points standings were finally after years of trying to wrestle away control. Of mattress from their arch rivals Georgetown prep and Zach came out on top as you see it. Right there on the standings being out that Churchill and good counsel and out really a pretty even fight on the boards that thing. That's right I could tackle will be big time this this year again there there are very strong team. Very deep. I'll look for Churchill to be in the mix and got some great springer -- some really good talent good counsell obviously will be in the mix well with Jack Conger anytime you've got somebody like him. But you're gonna you gonna score big time important points the call it twins also. Big time players for good counsel Georgetown Pratt they've introduced one of the best freshman recruiting classes of all time. On coach Jerry partial over there and assistant coach calls on the fab five. They're doing big things that's -- to look for them in the future. To be big time players but I really think. That this year's -- title will go to the Walter Johnson wildcats are all moderate. I know that's a little bit of -- A crazy declaration there -- again zag a purple Eagles looking so strong I really think. That is about captains -- mangled and Fletcher towels and can back up what is sure to be an amazing performance by Darren Powell. The Walter Johnson wildcats will be serious contender Marco drugs evidence that has them up poised to better their sixth place finish. Of the year or go to the defending champions can -- out. Really want the title a year ago based on the and drew Valentine Paul O'Hara. I'm they've got those amazing sprinters they've got the debt. They've got certainly got the enthusiasm as we both know those fans are crazy that team has a lot of camaraderie. I'm and they are big time players and they'll be looking to defend their title they'll be tough to beat when you look against that it doesn't matter the sport I cover all of them from high school basketball. Football and we've seen it on the -- in swimming. Those -- not a shot that student section for the purple Eagles one of the best in the DC area if not the best.