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CSN Washington dot com. Welcome back to Geico sports net central joining us now as one of the victory of the Miami Heat very pleased to have Chris Bosh on set with us Chris thanks for taking some time out with us and today would be a cool day for you last night named to the NBA all star team as a reserves can be your seventh trip there and that's got to be special probably every year. We have a star in the final yeah -- if you guys. You know this is a credit to our workers take everything one day at a time. And he does not orders -- as -- can. As much as I can every time I step on the court and luckily for me things have worked out -- for so I know that you've looked at the guys who are have made that squad ten years you've looked up to them and saw those guys and those names. You're achieve. Very much closer to that with an -- It means some would give an older. I was one thing we certainly you know his service like -- and I remember when those my seventy ever in my rookie like it was yesterday but. You go to some. Look at as some guys that had 101112. You know those were my heroes. Well -- they are the reasons that I made it to the NBA in. It's going to be able to have the mid season in that same category and beat closer accomplice in this same goes. Is is is very important to -- in it's very cool we'll. We talked about the progression of your career here are now in your second season with the Miami Heat right alongside LeBron James and Dwyane Wade now that you have one full season make your belt here. -- nearing the end of this one it take for you guys got a really may -- adjust and adapt to playing the. Gather what it was Phillips yeah you know it's a constant adjustment. You know we still haven't done anything yet together and we're still trying to get ultimate goal and and I think is going to be something where -- forever learning it is always going to be difficult to try to get what we're trying to do but. You know every ailment that we're getting better absolutely were much better than we were last year I think men. You know like as -- before we're just on -- mission that we improve every day. And kind of just -- -- what we have been and they -- better and continue to learn you talk about adjustment you guys as the league had to adjust with the lock out. Who is affected more veterans or rookies and in this league definitely the veterans and -- know. I think if you look across the board. You -- too many rookies that are out right now who is of course the numbers are. You know of course is going to be like that but see the younger guys there's just. This is this a little bit I'm not gonna say easier but playing every day that's kind of young man's thing and I'm still young guys so I can take advantage of that. But as a veteran though. Come the end of the year you think you guys are more equipped to be ready to for that post season run well. It is is different this year you know we don't have this much practice time this -- things that are really notice that. Better differences in the 82 game schedule I -- it's it's a huge difference we don't have any practice. Apart somewhat of several -- and we really have to pick things up own goal everything is on the go you don't have time to really work your kinks out so. Hopefully by the playoffs with him time you know fine -- everything in debut isn't right this time the kind of you know workout with things a little bit. -- you guys still draw just a huge crowd everywhere you go. I know from the beginning you've set and it's kind of take you back to how much attention -- -- kind of garnered does that surprise you that that attention is still all there do you just hit it off. No it didn't surprise me to adjust to it doesn't surprise me because of course that they had -- teams are already and I have a packed crowd but. I'm just lucky to be able to be on this -- to have people in the stands because it hasn't always been like that in my career. You know it is always nice to play in a big games. Doesn't make it easy is always -- he's on but. To be able to play with people in the stands and as it is he in the stands. I mean there's some. That's all you can ask for this week so let's go behind the -- little bit because we don't get the chance to know you guys much to be honest here most annoying habit LeBron has right now. He's he's below seafood out. -- he's those cities so there's not a moment was like whereas you go back and close things he always has to have. Things lined up and cross country clubs yet to see you about the way. I don't know okay fair enough to tell us -- you viewed. That's price these -- for -- how -- you like a little bit more like a computer geek that just plays basketball. It -- felt you know studies a lot I used to be really have in the announces. I give basketball moments under the -- -- -- -- recently. I still know a little bit a little handle -- items are being humble about as long -- they think that. The -- we recruit thank you very much for being here we wish you good luck not too much luck tonight but good luck -- -- realizes that helped -- CSN Washington dot com.



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