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Randy Wittman talks about the loss to the Heat-2/10


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Fri, 10 Feb 2012|


CSN Washington dot com are do. Near -- -- 38 pursue him VO on top of that -- -- what we missed eleven free throws. But before we're terrified thought the first two minutes of the fourth quarter when marry her thicker when 91 -- Kind of course by the people. It's a little bit and you know had some. Costly turnovers. And that stretched and after that that they were able to. You kind of put some distance between us but. You know we scrapped you know we came out for them and you know we'll we'll move on and I mean hey we -- We did what we could do we have breakdowns. Again as I've talked the last couple weeks since have to. Been here will take mistakes that are aggressive and we had some. Got tired I thought. You know little winded. Which caused some of our mistakes to and I got to do a better job getting. Those guys and now you know I've got to recognize should oh. Sometimes gets when it quicker. At different periods of the game and I've got to do better check to see you know that's where -- Mr. rebounder and one goes off his hands. Rounds in and so I got to do better job of recognizing that and getting guys in now. You know your defensive effort we've we've we've fought. And we threw him you know we -- the last couple days on the on -- zone and we've we've played it. You know -- after losing and we look at the film and I. See where -- exactly how we were put. For the most part I think we got stops the first three or four sessions that we ran and we got out and ran the other and so. But at times. -- Just how high I mean sure. Well I thought they were engaged. -- -- I think this all three room ago. Than Betty came in -- came -- owners. You know here's your concentrate on those three guys in and trying to close to painting you know weighed in. The -- can get to the basket. So easy either so strong and you try to bring help them in their chain in the corner and documentaries and I think Mike had a couple. Mike Miller. You know we that's the poison your -- and give them crew together there shoot 50% of them don't. When the game CSN Washington dot com.

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