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Stefon Diggs chooses Maryland, Randy Edsall comments-2/10



CSN Washington dot com. But generally one player can't fix of football program but from Maryland. Landings the findings would be a game changer it would put the -- back in the mix for every top recruit locally. And after a while recruiting process with the terps up against Florida Ohio State and Auburn -- Diggs made his announcement tonight in College Park. It. Okay. Economy the big thing that. Iguodala is going out of business you'll moments after going -- and when I was a better resuming his city. -- What a great scene today admitting that it serves in a packed house the -- -- good counsel -- it's -- time all met player. Big play receiver caught 36 passes for 770 yards and eight touchdowns. Rushed for three -- -- he also returned a punt and a kickoff for touchdowns on defense to get four picks and three forced fumbles and now he says he wants to win championships in his city. Which is music to the years of his soon to be head coach Randy Edsall and the -- Extremely excited for. For step up for his family because this is something that. I know is very very special to them being able to. The play at home in. First -- And Howard and Andre confidence to be able to see him playing for him to play in front of this Stanley brand that -- that was very important -- to have. The kind of an impact player that not Stephon. You know he has come to the University of Maryland and be part of our program there's just something that's got to eight -- on the field. It's an eight just because of that type of person he is and it's also got help us because of the impact and I think -- -- have gone forward in terms of -- the enough -- quite group tell people they stay at home and we can accomplish everything that you want to accomplish at Maryland then. The thing that I love about Stephon he's a competitor he loves the man loves to work. He's a -- guy he's the leader. He possesses -- quality pitcher looking forward I have enjoyed. Our programs just -- future. Impact for us thank you talked about mills Maryland pride and you know being from here and know that it's so refreshing this year. Player this stature of this caliber. Say that hey I wanted to stay home plate from my state university I think that's -- that messages. It and not the type of young man that we needed to have step up. And and be that guy Garrett to be different. So now we hope that -- about league others to follow him here's how. CSN Washington dot com.



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