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Metros 2012: Boys Team Highlights - 2/12



  1. Mike Nugent3:22
  2. Sean Sullivan2:10, 5:23
  3. Walter Johnson3:03, 4:33
  4. Ryan Evans1:06
  5. Ryan White3:17
  6. Georgetown0:58, 1:16, 4:25
  7. Eagles2:36, 5:42, 5:44
  8. Hackensack2:29
  9. public school4:34
  10. amazing performance4:54
Sun, 12 Feb 2012|


My folks welcome back in the metros 2012 the highlight show here on CSN Washington dot com. As we get that talk a little bit about the team portion of the event show you some highlights from the which really seemed to bring up the most excitement from the from the crowd parents that everyone gets -- more people participating. And out -- more buzz in the air when he got that school spirit on display let's jump right into it the start with the boys 200 medley relay. We're good counsel -- every year we say they're gonna -- literally -- -- -- closer to making a real run that team title. Right from the get go on the beginning of the meet it counsel I've -- off their stuff. That's right and -- showed that it wasn't just going to be -- congress showed that they've got a nice deep team built around Brady Welch Evans Garfield arrive -- anchoring a real top notch right. But it doesn't hurt. To have Jack Jack congressman -- butterfly leg NH when he -- you see him jump in right here also keep an island Carlson John talented butter flyer from. Georgetown -- and -- was obviously in the mix here finishing strong third place. Public you'll see here jackal handed off to Ryan Evans now on such a good freestyle are really top levels -- The senior from. The good counts for good counsel. You know and that Georgetown prep relay watch out they're made up of three freshman. So in the future that's going to be a big time. Medley relay for them. Good counsel here setting a match -- record obviously celebrating that time there. Great way to start off the -- Yeah was this certainly a good way to start the meat abrupt that excitement anytime you see you I think you mentioned thirteen of 24 records fall you know that I can -- their best. And I no doubt about that this year I'll let's move on to the boys 200 free relay. An event where you figured Pickens Zach would have a pretty good shot at this. If for no other reason than just the amazing stable of sprinters at safety pat you're in and year out. Well so fitting here for this can -- team that's loaded with seniors for three seniors to get on this 200 free relay and smash the -- record the way they did. Was spectacular note when he won -- stricker with a twenty point here from my. Captain Sean Sullivan big time player in this can -- success. And you know. Very fitting for them to own that record after week there's been so much talk about them being built around such amazing -- and and to break -- 200 freestyle record by almost a full second. Just that's how talented. Of course regrets that they have over there at at Hackensack. And -- -- the point. Mean we kind of figured -- dagger when he gets through it again the parents I've gone -- there for the purple Eagles. They can -- with poise. You may be not just win this meet but truly run away with it now which is what ended up happening but another race we started to see that as well. With the next time through and show you that the boys 403. Where Gonzaga was again a threat to win but you know with Jack -- in the Olympic council also has a shot. Not this 400 Werth was very excited the 400 career. Absolutely and you know Walter Johnson was very much in the mix here right off the bat -- what -- wildcats got off to a terrific start without Barry mangled and Garrett Powell. Two huge lead off like -- you see Barry Manuel jumping into the war. And -- that might be Ryan White -- can't get to know exactly. But you know it really came down the job Mike Nugent trying to hold off -- Conger and out -- -- -- right -- going going toe to toe job market just. I -- it's such a good job you know Jack congress splitting time -- 43. Low. To anchor that relays is a little bit too much to handle and you see those. Your counsel you could count to celebrate daytime theirs they should with a with a big time mattress victory to close out that. Look beyond the final replay there and you know Jack -- for all his victory a very humble young man doesn't show a lot of emotion. But it's not there in a 400 for realized -- when he looked up the scoreboard and -- not -- -- that one but how well they and they had won his as a group. I he was pretty excited and you know that it was a big deal for him. But let's take a look now at the cup final boys teen standings. These realize they're really in a lot of ways where it comes down to. As you can see your winners with 503. Points meet record I believe 503 points in Agha they take it out for the second year in a row. -- coming in second place -- getting right back in the thick of things that Georgetown prep with 352. Good counsel. In third 343. And out lets get some kudos to our alma -- the Walter Johnson wildcats when he public school title he will. With a total to 77 point 50 edging out Churchill. Who finished it. With few hundred. And 76. Points. To round out the top five there at mattress. 2012 while the champions that you mention nick and snag a turning in an amazing amazing performance. And -- team that beyond being built. Around speed is also built a rounds here. You know what can you say about these guys if you look behind. The blocks after any. That they were back there cheering their hearts out whether these kids were swimming in the media or not they were there supporting their team. In the water such a deep team assembled with so many talented seniors pat ray has not doing a guitar break. Really -- nick Brooks half Maloney John -- Sean Sullivan obviously we talk so much about not part of the Ballantine. Too many to mention they were so deep three or four deep and every single -- -- You know 67. Points alone generated out of their hundred freestyle what more can you say a deep team with with heavy hitters. They really came to play and they took care of business for great performance by adding that purple Eagles. I had let's hear from some of those purple Eagles after claiming the -- 2012 team championship. This year what really made a special was that we had depth and superstars rumors and it wasn't just in the sprint events we had. Amazing 500 swimmers we had underclassmen realize that about. We had. Champion hundred backstroke which was absolutely. Incredible. And there's just something about this team that can put it all together every time we needed to. Still like mainly it's that just the spirit of the team. Every year we always try and get of course announce -- team than a lot of people from our from the school -- -- and swam to get a bit old series sexson like. Just get rowdy. And I'll -- the Rockets have a good old time. We had a roster that was completely dominated by seniors over twenty seniors on our roster that made it back here. It's meant everything to -- we wanted to go on top especially with the changes in the landscape. In swimming we wanted to set the bar high certainly scoring record and really go for 500 points got 503 we just let it so proud of the guys this year -- Well congratulations that to be exact on their second straight a mattress title certainly an exciting way to wrap up the gentleman's. Portion out tonight's show up we'll take a break right now but in just a moment will be back talking about the ladies all the individual feats of glory on the girls side. Coming up next -- -- highlight show from Astros 2012.