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Jill Sorenson reports on the Capitals' loss to the Sharks-2/13



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Tue, 14 Feb 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. This strange night began before the first puck was even dropped. Goalie Braden -- he was called up from her seat and got to surprise start. But I hope he allowed this fluke goal early on a deflected slap shot from a hundred feet out. And the Sharks had the early momentum as -- the strangely conducive to consistent in his distinctive. It's his fourth -- and. It's new challenge. Some things that makes you better in some things I thought -- wealth of overall not -- obviously not happy with the okay. Washington allowed three power play goals. And their lack of execution on special teams cost them again. Fun for him or for a five -- to the special teams and you know there -- opportunities to sun scruples -- scores. We have within two runs and we didn't score the determination -- in the classroom I think the focus is serve them. And the execution just -- airing on tomorrow's another bad balls tonight off of their first goal. I think if we get the first one might be different outcome but who knows it hurts. And you know got to build off on a few things and -- and you know be that much more -- -- coming in tonight's game because you know the points are certain that to a no way in these teams to determine how much more important. The -- get back to work preparing for a crucial four game road trip. The first leg is on Friday night against the Panthers the team they still trailed by four points with 26 games remaining. With the capitals Jill Sorenson Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com.

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