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Mark Turgeon disappointed by actions of Terps players--2/15



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Wed, 15 Feb 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Nobody said it would be easy for terps first year coach Mark Turgeon now he shot power out for the year again now with a torn ACL coached version continues to deal with injury. Issues now our weekly chat with coach turgeon begins with the controversy. Surrounding a frustrated -- those -- -- sent after losing to the Blue Devils. The Mark -- This brought to you by subway fresh -- I hope that my players learn from it is that no good comes out of it and that. Everybody's watching and listening in and I got to be really careful. Before he hits and and down. I think throw this regretful. Is emotional. He's young and down. I don't know but I want everybody learns from and I just two were all from that now I think he's learned from and hopefully our team has student. Like you're sitting there we we've we've put it behind us before we left North Carolina. You get ready for Boston college and I guess one positive go from a Saturday -- Thursday game. Because of losing. Yeah I I hope -- home I don't I'm not sure ever going to be totally comfortable we got a lot of guys playing out of position. But. We had a practice time there's no excuse for guys not to another position. And hopefully they'll play better and than we did on Saturday and our guys. Need to get confidence without the show on in and and -- in that that's really what we look at him. And this has been a year like I've never had before. Just all the different turns of a team -- have one team in peach undeterred in and it Adam back yet Alex and you lose them so it's been. In his new system new coach new players it's it's been very. Unusual year but we disagrees wanna finish out strong play the best we can. Is -- were planned well in plans as well as we can't think good things happen. One thing I continue to hear you say is is the effort in your kids that's one thing that really as soon as I just grown. And something you really like about this -- Yeah we try our. We don't always play well -- we try hard and and they listened. For the most part and that they're trying to do the right things and out sometimes -- is down match. But for the most part we've really competed. We haven't embarrassed ourselves you know knock on wood in the continue to compete and down. It or another challenge for this year and weren't challenged that tee shot again we have figured out hopefully. But -- some good results down the stretch CSN Washington dot com.

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