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Joe Torre talks about Albert Pujols, the Miami Marlins, and his legacy-2/15



CSN Washington dot com. You latency history and be there you know there's few I've been fired -- you -- it out did itself -- -- You know there's very few better baseball cities were you surprised. At Albert Pujols probably little -- You know you never really wanna think reality you -- think while Albert here he he's embraced this city this city's embraced him. You know I think he'll stay. But again you know we knew when you clear away the the cobwebs is a business and and you have to do what you feel is best for you and and you know Albert went to a pretty good organization plus -- I think the fact that. You know he's had the option of being the DH to you know since you know long term deal and you know he's in his early thirties and chances are he'll be doing bit of that too. -- manage in the American League yeah. Back. It it's it makes the game a little less complicated because the biggest decisions obviously a nationally news is should I change this pitcher or should I try to get through this inning so I can pinch hit form. I I think there's more strategy in the National -- in regards to that. But I I don't think the DH is gone away any time since. You have one of the toughest things to do in that you have a rod and Jeter get a switch he -- at third base. How tough is it going to be for Hanley Ramirez they just bring in Jose -- how tough is that moving how much of a sell -- skipper. Well I began again he's he's not shy and so I. I certainly. I think guys he's gonna probably preach that all -- about winning it you know it's his job to put the pieces together and and I'm sure you know handling. You know I think it's found a home down there the fact that you change positions I mean cal do over there and in Baltimore. And Alex act actually I didn't have to make that decision is Alex came came over knowing that he was going to be -- third -- But. You know it's. It's it's funny because that the players and the one thing in the wanna forgave him over in the technology. Age right now. There there's still a heartbeat in the polls for these kids and and the fact that. As a manager. That's the toughest job more so than changing pitchers and hitting and running and stuff it. It's just getting the players to understand what you're trying to do and and as they say Ozzie is not -- he's had success he's very energetic positive guy. A think -- anybody's going to be able -- communicate with Hanley Ramirez and of the -- -- -- A look at the ring on your finger you're here to talk about inside -- managing in the big leagues. Now. You're done managing for at least for the time in on around -- -- when you look back. To that goes throughout all your run here. Remain humble you mean the same guy when you look back right now. It's remarkable thing you're gonna go to history -- great managers. Of all time in this game well and you know that's throw like get not a horse and trying to win the Kentucky Derby can do it on a quarter horse and you know and I -- on that horse back in 96 there are a lot of thoroughbreds there. Yeah I I look back now I wouldn't allow myself a look back while I was still doing it because once I think -- do that and admire what you've done and you forget which -- doing now. But I yeah looking back and the thing that got my attention robbed of the guys were there. While I was you know with the Yankees and all of a sudden you you're told that if you win this game you go past Miller Huggins. And whoa Miller Huggins because we all know babe -- matter you know Huggins and so that type of thing gets your attention. But to go to the Yankees -- my record I think over a hundred games under 500 and then to. You know finish my career the way I did it. The good lord you know -- for me to get mature before you took care via yes. CSN Washington dot com.



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