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CSN Washington dot com. And and that's fans welcome the CSN Washington dot com and spring training preview. Version of beltway baseball lot presented by The Washington Times I'm chase Hughes and marked the Korean men come back. And believe it or not as nation full year that we've been doing about it baseball the first episode we did was a spring spring training really. And the first question I asked was. It seemed a little bit different going into last year's spring training there's a lot more into anticipation excitement I think it's -- thing about this year or perhaps even more. Yeah more so this is that as much anticipation is there's been coming -- nationals camp since they can count maybe that first year. In 05 was a really big deal but that was just about -- was happy to have a baseball team. This is genuine enthusiasm over quality of the team. The big name players are -- having camp and a couple of big unknowns. Of how this -- gonna play out there are some significant story lines. After it played out over the next six weeks gonna get to hear a lot but. I personally am looking forward to -- because. There's going to be a lot going on in this camp and -- it. Paying attention of course the first number one no question I mean that the fact that you're getting asked or or getting us where you interviews and like that's those are the nationals left contenders here you know. You've got to spring training and my marks that there's a lot to be decided in spring training for a team that. You know people are really talking about so I think there's definitely a lot of anticipation. While we like you said -- a lot talk about what we start at the top with Stephen Strasburg. Things seem to go. Much anyhow oh he's now how much he can play. He's healthy this year we might there's ambient and innings limit for the reigns in on the. Yeah it as much as they wanna say hey we'll cut him loose let him go there are still some restrictions here both in the total number of innings obviously for the year's going to be about a 160. But also start to start. And this includes spring training they're -- watch him very closely. Just like they did last year with -- and it's a perfect road map for how this is gonna go everything that didn't Jordan a year ago we had very similar to what they do Steve. Yet no question and I think if we go back in any -- in the beginning of the season in a lot of our questions about Jordan where. You know he did he break the hundred pitch you know level how how deep where they -- willing to let him go into the game. You know and say they do have this in mind that they have him on an -- -- so you know if it's worth it for him to continuing get another inning or if you feel like he's tiring you say that inning for. Another start. So I think that definitely like mark said trends -- -- the past for Stephen Strasburg and and that's basically what he's gonna follow. Now the thing about this is this is all precautionary you know there's no at this point there's no reasonably there's anything wrong with his arm is no reasonably he couldn't go further than they're gonna let him but. This is just the -- they decide to take. Not taking any chances on the guy coming back from that surgery. If there comes a point where they have to decide do we go easy on -- -- -- we push him they're gonna go easy -- and -- K -- And I think a lot of guys will say Ott Tommy Johnson Riders in the first spring training after they've come back. You know and had a regular healthy offseason where they do their normal thing and that is when you really feel like wow I'm back to where it lies because they're able to their -- able to recuperate from that that rehab in the season that they've just gone through and with their regular throwing program and all that they used to do and -- are healthy so. Now I think is and he'll see a big difference in south. We expect business as usual for Strasburg. Handles the room and if he's. -- -- Yeah I mean as far spring training goes it's it's pretty straightforward he's going to be the same number of innings you know two or three innings in the first start for next. Yet built up it's all I think it's once you start to get 400 pitch. That starts okay. An eagle pass at least not early in the season. Probably six innings early on the island pushing Lewis that unless he's really -- So I think it's I think you have to once he crosses -- barrier and proves yet. I can go six and yes second pitches and you push it will hurt the next time and and beyond that you don't wanna. Go too -- early on find out. Have -- Important to remember that he does have a say -- them. He -- Strasburg has never been. Normal so you know if he comes out he flies through and he threw six innings and sixty pitches you know they might let him go seven innings the next start so. It's it's solid general guidelines and then you know they have to go with what they feel like at at home. Pitching emerged as a real -- last season and stand pat is at Duke and he would. Sign Edwin Jackson also keep in mind two in the -- and healthy for the full season talk about the depth in. I'd certainly more than they've had since this team can -- you talk about four really quality young. Starting pitchers here -- are some question marks Strasburg coming back from the injury shortened sermons is totally healthy but hasn't had a full season. Gio Gonzales very successful last year in Oakland how will translate that actually and Edwin Jackson is a guy who. Has got one of the best arms in baseball and on any given night -- throw a no hitter as he's done. He's also a little inconsistent you never know for sure what you're gonna get so there are question marks are but in terms of the talent they've assembled. There are a handful of teams that can maybe compare but not many. Count how many how many. Tony DeMarco and NBC sports rank him fourteenth without putting me in this specific number where where I think they're closer to. -- You know there and not the level of a Phillies. You compete at this point I think the Giants are still in the Giants. Had a bit more depth and some of them play -- -- last year. -- -- Like what happened a lot of stars at. They have some young -- also that are coming up. But I think they're definitely in the conversation with the breeze which I think if you said that -- at the end -- last year. You'd you'd be lying so that the depth is definitely impressed and I was seeing some day. Last year and there's there opening irritation included Juan Hernandez Jason Marquis Tom Gorzelanny -- it doesn't -- the rotation. I mean they just wouldn't Jason Marquis me he would be your fifth starter. Yeah although in the competition that they're to have this if you cannot okay that's. -- -- Definitely. Very. Well speaking of -- you're only as good as your fourth and fifth starter and number five is still kind of up in the air. It's a final spot is up for grabs between Jimmie long John Lannan Ross -- -- who has a leg up. Well going in there and I think you have to just by circumstances that Wong is the most likely to emerge from that for a couple of reasons one. He signed for four million dollars invested the last two years in him he pitched well in the last season. And as a quirky rule in baseball that if you sign a free agent in the off season. You can't trade him before it's rough it may twentieth or so so I don't seem go to the bullpen he needs a lot of -- routine work there. Depth -- as a young guy he's been in the bullpen a little bit it's not ideal for him he's out of minor league options. Maybe put him there Lannan hasn't minor league option -- still crazy -- think if you're gonna send a guy. Down their point five million dollars obviously there's been a lot of trade chatter. If they're all healthy and the -- is probably the guy with that ball. I think I -- I think that's a pretty fair statement mostly because -- long injury history just kind of eliminate him from a relief role because of the routine. Especially where he's spent so long building up the strengthening that shoulder and he really needs days between starts so even if he was nearly every once you used on me you wouldn't be able to use him for three or four days which is kind of limits you. -- Did this role last year I would say that he's probably the leading candidate for that role. And it'll all depend on how dominant pitchers in the spring in and trade possibilities that that could come up and injuries as we were talking about earlier. You know there's no there's no law that says that all seven of these pitchers are going to be a 100% healthy all the way through the spring. And that they're not gonna need these guys that. And that's the reason why I really think Mike Rizzo is gonna wait as long as he can't perform and make that decision the last and you wanted to do -- make a trade let's have some great offered it gets early in camp. Make a trade center land away and then have somebody go down and you know I'll make this one other point. For the reason we all outlined. That makes sense the longest would be the most likely guy but if you just took those three guys long -- in depth -- And that which one of those three is most likely to get you thirty starts in -- and four. It's Atlanta's John -- the other guys are unknown which -- the most potential is rust out yes. -- going back to a nursing injuries it's not just the national. You need to wait and -- V -- you said if another team comes up with crashing starting pitching injury they're definitely going from more effort John -- And they want that. You know right now there's a lot of still people signing free agent Lee deals. So I think that it's going to be something to keep during spring. They'll figure it out at them. These things have a way sort themselves out it's it's funny how that always seems to work as much as you wanna go and can't tell in his locker room for everyone. Somebody gets hurt somebody gets traded before long to realize it all worked -- And I pitching staff looks great but we managed to find a weakness looking at the line -- it's not exactly that car there's a little bit more. -- areas they could improve looking at the -- as as a whole they're they're definitely counting on some guys to bounce back from years they weren't as it is that perhaps could have been. First question I have is are healthy Ryan Zimmerman and Adam LaRoche enough simply to create more -- If they are healthy and if they produce at their normal levels yes they can make a difference is that gonna turn this from one of the worst lineups in baseball one of the best know that alone is gonna do it. But I think it will make it respectable line up. I think it will make Jayson Werth better having better hitters around him. You know I think we forget. Just how good -- player Ryan Zimmerman is because. He missed time with the injuries and I think we probably under sold Adam LaRoche to because we never really got to see the real guy resumes. -- some -- sometimes offseason when he finally found god when he finally and that's what he is not making that up that is what is and so you know I I am -- going on with my marks that I think that you know if they're healthy and they stay healthy they're definitely going to make a difference but it may not even be in their own performance in May be in having healthy. Ryan Zimmerman and healthy Adam LaRoche as a threat around Michael Morse as a threat in front of Jayson Werth. That you know if you look at -- lineup last year at times if you had -- option of pitching to Jayson Werth or pitching to. Rookie second baseman -- yes those are rookie catcher Wilson Ramos tech. You're gonna pitch around Jason -- you're you know you're gonna go after the young guys you're Roy holidays in on the mound you you know you have the upper hand. They spent a lot of last season with Lance nix -- the clean it up against Lance who had a great first half and was really valuable to them but you know let's be honest he's not a Major League cleanup hitter right. So just having health. And the guys you expect him to be their makes a difference. Definitely in making a difference. Potentially can be Jayson Werth he's not a guy who you mentioned had a down year. Perhaps the most pressure is on him because of his contract hit just 232 last year well below his career average. Can he -- Well the pressure is on like you said and as much as he wanted to try to say last year that it wasn't the factor that that wasn't in his -- it had to be. You come in on that huge contract. Knowing that they're kind of look at you'd be the guy and that didn't help that early in the season -- -- goes down gross goes down now son. You kind of had to carry the team had a divorce wasn't hitting at that point. And yeah it had to get in his head and and it's understandable why what you've got a little better season went on not great. I do think he's going to be more like Jayson Werth that that they saw before this. I don't know is ever going to be the player that he was in Philly amateur the nationals really believe that that's who he's going to be that they need him to be. Yeah I mean I think you know this is probably not exactly -- bold prediction but -- is going to have a better year. I don't know that he's going to be the guy that he lives in 2010. Wine you know he carried the Philadelphia offense for a lot of Nazis and I don't know that but. But it definitely they are saying the better the lineup gets around him the batter Jason Morris most likely will. Perform because that is similar to that type of lineup that he was in Philadelphia and you know -- good hitters only get better and their market hitters around so. It'll be interesting to see but it would be difficult for and have a worse yeah I think adds to. To me the most important thing you can do is if he's coming up with two outs and guys in scoring position. He's got to take the battle special applicable like you can't be taken is called third strikes and stranding runners I think that. Morning I think I know RBIs as it is not the best stat -- this -- look at there's a lot of reasons why not. Perfectly. You know symptomatic of of how I did that year but for -- -- -- -- here. Usually hitting in the middle -- keep that number has got to go up he has opportunities he's gotten to something. We thought -- night in and night out with a called third strikes and you know ending inning ending rallies and he wasn't the only one I don't -- yeah. Yeah but you know as you said there's a lot of pressure on him to be the -- comes through in those situations because of the pay -- And you know that's kind of that the cross to bear when you sign -- Ideal situation where it is worth slot and one do you think we'll see him. Hitting lead off again. Now I I think ideally he is 56 hitter he thinks you know he said he he's pretty good two hitter he has a really high on base percentage in his career and and he definitely probably would fit there. But I think that he be most comfortable hitting. You know behind the -- is sitting behind martz yet so I. Really if their lineup is as good as everyone thinks -- that race healthy he probably should hit six. Again he could he has the high on base percent I know that's an issue that lacking so maybe. You put him up there but now you take away those are opportunities and I do you think you need a guy. Who could drive all those guys had a union so I think that the six maybe maybe sixty cents. Speed -- lineup. Leadoff hitter is another question Ian Desmond is expected to be the guy in indefinitely improved his stats I think you wrote. It was after his wife gave birth to their first child in that. This defense improved and then around the second half of the year they often start to pick up and especially when he was in the lead off spot late in the season. It's a small sample size obviously. Dad has never been a guy who. Draws a lot of walks gets them a lot that's not who he is they're trying to pound -- and trying to make him more of that type of hitter they have confidence in him. It's a big question mark I don't discount that. His effort he's gonna try to become this player than -- wouldn't be any good I don't know. I angry and obviously as one of their big question mark but I don't know so much that he will change to be someone who. I takes a lot more walks and isn't swinging at what he needs to do it is. Cut down the strike out yet he when he's swinging need to make sure he's gonna make contact which sounds so simple and you know it sounds like hello obviously content button. But at the same time I mean he is just not the type of guy who worries about his on base percentage and I think that what they're trying to get him to do is isn't worried about it. And and really not necessarily takes to take more walks. But just don't swing at those pitches don't make the pitches out of the zone. Right it does raise the question if he doesn't. You know how long you've given to try to -- I don't think it's going to be short at two weeks and and its over now has. I promise they don't have a real viable alternative -- given the lineup that we're looking so. It's got to be him if it's not I don't know where they go that. Now I think he's gonna get like he's that kind of an -- shot and and if it's really really not working then they're going to have to figure out. If a move it's it's most likely gonna have to be a move trade of some sort to bring in someone. But you know I think. If you can produce the way he produce in the second half which as we said was better it wasn't what you're looking for out of a leadoff hitter you know the spark plug type of guy. But it was definitely improved. If he can be that guy that would be OK with that they're not asking him to come out and be Michael Bourn to be Rickey Henderson they're just asking him to improve. Center field was a position heading into this offseason pretty much all eyes were on we thought they would come up with a big significant solution. Solution at this point seems to be a platoon competition between Rick Ankiel Mike Cameron. Roger Bernadine. How do you see that you can. Yeah you know. Mike Rizzo went into the offseason saying that finding a true center fielder and leadoff hitter was one of the top priorities you can get it done. So here we go again that's kinda what we've been in the past -- Cameron in the mix wasn't there for. It's not ideal situation but I think they've all along looked at this as this is going to be short term solution this is all about. Holding down the fort until Bryce Harper comes up at which point Jayson Werth moved to center field now regardless you still need whoever's out there to be productive. Defensively I think they'll be fine Ankiel and Cameron especially if they're good defense and offensively -- just got to find a way to be somewhat productive. I mean I think there's no question history there. Whoever it is necessary and it's gonna hit a pitcher which is tough spot to hit in anyway so there at a disadvantage in that regard but I think you know like you said. Defensively they'll be fine I think Roger bringing actually being men left out ethnics because Ankiel as a lefty and -- Cameron is your right knee and I think that. They're kind of past the point of trying to find out about the opportunity is that -- -- you know if he comes to spring training and he does all the things in his routes are much better and he's hitting. You know at a higher clip. He can definitely make his way on to this team. Oh absolutely and and I've always thought he profiles well as a fourth or fifth outfielder because he can play all three positions fairly well got good speed. Has some pop in his bat I don't think there's any problem with that. That the question is if Ankiel comes out this that and 17 after a month and burned in his -- and off the bench do you try to give him some opportunities. I think. I think was gonna end up happening is it's gonna be revolving door for a while until like you said the day comes a -- Harper's called up. None of these guys really is an every day it would. You mentioned harper which we. Have to send us in this entire show on the conversation will he make the team and is really as a -- at this point. When asked what the chances are house one point on the Ken Griffey -- a guy and it is and he's been compared to as far as you know fast rising. Made the bigs when he was nineteen years old. He only played seventeen games delayed 37 for Bryce Harper and he he -- a little bit better there but you think that harper is gonna come out after that tournament time and level. I think it depends who who is making the decisions. -- if it's Mike Rizzo I don't think he makes the team if it stated Johnson does the team. Ultimately GM vs Rangers GM is gonna win if he. Has the respect the Mandarin and has the ability to to run his operation yet he does I. I don't wanna say it's impossible -- if he comes out it's 500 this spring in is just doing all kinds of great stuff and and also shown maturity. And everything else that suggests he's rated big leaguer. They'll do it but Rizzo if you look at his track record he's always err on the side of caution with Strasburg who clearly was one of the five best. Pitchers years ago -- -- about another financial reasons for that there are some financial reasons to keep harper down for a little bit. I think you just wanna see any established he can hit a triple -- you know it's only -- couple weeks or month. Before you make that move the last thing you wanna do is promote a guy have a struggle now after -- No question I think no one has ever been burned by -- Letting a nineteen year old developing minor leagues for a month or two more -- that you know. Would be getting on the team opening day first nice save you save yourself he -- him on the team for another entire year. Earlier and he hit it created ams are longer than -- agency. And that you know also he gets the benefit of playing at every level which isn't really big thing from my present when he set up the floor. But as -- touched on it I think. Obviously his performance is going to be important this spring but. His demeanor. He is attitude the way he's carrying himself and about going about it and I don't really did improve as far as character guys in the club Carrasco. Mark DeRosa Mike Cameron Bradley and I mean come in with. As evidence as you're gonna lap back I mean these are guys that are really high character guys and their team to kind of corral harper and see. You know how he is responding to that type of treatment. -- mechanic corral him when it's 10 o'clock at night it's in his hotel room and on Twitter you have to knows what is inside and believe me this is something the nationals are paying attention to. It may sound silly but. That is a sign of maturity or not you can have fun on -- but every time comes out and -- openly rooting for the Yankees yes. Maybe this guy isn't quite ready to be in the big leagues. On that note you think it's going to be a little bit different this time down forty think they're gonna maybe get -- little little more access to see how -- how he deals with it. It's a great question you know they've always again aired on the side of caution here with Strasburg and -- with -- very strict rules about when -- talked about it was up to Bryce Harper. He talked us every single day as much as possible. He loves the attention. I do think at some point you kind of do need to give him that chance because that lets you know. -- handlers not yet you you got in the nineteen year old kid with the change wrapped around forever at some point yet and let. In the big leagues they can't stop us from locking up to his locker on Wednesday and thank you -- you have a minute I mean they can't. They can't regulate things like that especially if they want him to blend -- if they want him to be the rookie. You know all the low man on the totem pole he's gonna have to do the media just like everyone else so they can't give him that special treatment. While also asking him to prove that he's one of the guys. I'm Clinton Johnson's got a lot on his hands this spring in his. His first as a manager in the nationals now we've seen him down we've got we've got to be we've seen him. Walking around talking to me is talking to harper yeah it's going to be a lot different this time around. Yeah absolutely I'm very should see what kind of camp does he run it knowing him -- probably to me fairly loose -- lets guys go do their thing. He'll have his. You know. Fundamentals and everything that he stresses. But. I'm not so sure that this could be like Jimmer has been. Now I think. Mary actually. Me himself that that. That. Means about the way the teens. And he didn't like. Off and positioning on cut up and things like. Something I correct in spring training it's not I I. Doing it. It. The way out acumen comes to journals and things like that also likes guys not. Acting out there and he likes. He likes. Talking to each other competing even in drills so I think it's going to be loose as our. Policies clubhouse you know. Coming and going you know things like pat I think that are going to be -- -- And to be very active I'll mention the -- as they're doing you trolls like you said he sees something like. You talk and -- -- one of his coaches tell he's going to be out there explaining. -- on yes especially. -- I mean. We activity before game I can educate me he's greats talked for the media but he's he knows what I'm extremely. So it's interesting to see him in the element really important that had a chance at least -- I last year he was in the -- I don't think that you know we just saw he's not spending my time in the golf cart that they can handle that made it to get around from Gil the field -- not when he's out there. Now is a big draft over the summer for the nationals that if you if you follow College Baseball expert but these guys for years. Two guys in particular Anthony ran down and Matt are. We expect him. Well don't we don't know that's kind of things and things that because they got big league contract they're going to be in big league camp and we're gonna see for the first time perk to pitch in the fall league and don't hasn't played all. I'm what is stated his shoulder everyone says it's fine let's go see what can do. Perk what is velocity as he looked. You know they're not to get a whole lot of action I'm sure maybe a few games early in camp before they get sent down when I -- is no chance -- And -- make the team. But I think a lot of -- with the nationals are really Ecstasy. These guys and specifically how close to big league ready. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I think it helped question is going to be the most important one that they can't specifically with Don. Because -- go to -- I'm not actually. And you know he and I thought. He was not his velocity was well he he -- struggling by the strikes but it was his first -- And I think you know yet they can take that into consideration and I -- scouts saw him. Later in the -- Out at me because I had too many starters that Utley -- and and he was much better velocity was higher and much better fine strikes on his control so -- I think that his health question is media that laps -- -- -- at this point just because. -- -- -- running -- -- and you don't play a whole lot. At least in the field last year right standard there's a big question mark is this guy going to be a third baseman they have to look at another position. Is he really advanced enough to be ready in a year or two or is going to be a longer project that we just really don't know till we see him. As far as what to expect out of them. It's in this big league camp I'd mostly I think I think for them to appeal to guys aren't secretly like -- clubhouse. And and get involved but I don't think that we should expect me come on really. While us and with either their performances -- they. And even if they did it's not like all of a sudden -- if you consider this guy yet that not happen they're gonna be among the first players cut. Now most of the outlook going into this year is positive we talked about how they they seem to be vastly improved across the board. We think their biggest weaknesses just to be negative just to see what what could go wrong yeah is -- center -- as -- off could've been benched. You know there are weaknesses obviously particularly when it comes a lineup and the thing I look at most is whoever's going to be hitting number one number two in the lineup and can they get on base enough. To let the big guys behind -- driving mean it was a major problem last year in the worst. On base percentage and a number one spot and the number two spot both under 300 which is awful. So can Desmond doing -- -- -- who hits number two we're talking about Werth is probably down in the order we're seeing the center field and hit it is Espinoza. Who does draw walks but it's free swinger also. Across the board more guys need to get on base more regularly especially the -- to top the order that's the biggest weakness to. I think that's definitely don't want that -- question marks but I think it's it's important not to discount the X-Factor in the in the game. Lower capital upper middle -- On you know I mean you know healthy and Aaron and you know at. Michael -- you hope you know what you're gonna get from this point but again he usually just -- hair you know it will be. It's going to be important for him to get up to August our intent -- -- -- get those doubts out of his own mind I think that last year was a fluke I don't think he thinks it is not in the National League but that is an F. And obviously the other Patriots are Adam LaRoche and more. If -- aren't hasn't a year like he did last year it's -- huge hole Latin if Adam LaRoche is not healthy like we think he isn't you know like he's he is. And it's it is still affecting his swing you're looking at 34 and then drop. You know and they can't have that we know that -- go out at the center field -- they can go out quote unquote impact that they're hoping the impact comes from -- So. Those big and it's I think the big -- is going to be a weakness for them if it doesn't either way. And there's not a ton of depth in case when these guys to go out there are few spots they can handle you know if Zimmerman goes down again. What what you do mark there was -- -- and -- -- perhaps. You know mixing in and did those replace him. We saw last year what a difference that made when he was out at Jerry Hairston outscored. There that continuing the playoff scenarios and talking about them. You think the nationals did you know. To not not just to stay in is -- is there more or take a step back -- -- -- enough to improve well yeah I think they are improved team. If for no other reason like we're saying just the guys were coming back. You know think about 180 games last year with Yzerman missing. More than two months with -- missing more than four months. With -- having the worst year of his career with Strasburg out for five months -- there and shut down for the end of season. Just having all those guys back in if they didn't make them this winter if they would be improved so you going to get GO Gonzales and Edwin Jackson. All of a sudden that rotation -- which things among the best in baseball you bolster that bullpen Brad Lidge that looks like one. Baseball -- they've done more yeah. It would be nice about this with the center fielder legitimate lead off hitter but I think -- looked at it said again we need somebody short term ultimately. This season work is going to be in -- her purpose in being right and then next winner we start looking at you know legitimate that are them under -- For. Field and you know. There's another way to look at this did they do enough they said at the Bears told us at the end of the season I want as a sense of starting pitchers that. Well he got -- starting pitcher a front -- starting pitcher and I got another one so maybe instead of getting it better fielder because he looked at the market solace parents Allen trade market. Thought you know what. We're not gonna get one this year -- bolster that rotation even more so let's get to Frontline starting pitchers and that's what they did so I don't you know have they done enough. They've done enough to improve no question they've done enough to put themselves in the conversation. But a lot of things can go wrong and as -- -- there are still weak points that that could be there aren't doing so it's definitely going to be an interesting team. I think the best way to put it is this is a team that if everything goes right. Yet they can contend make the team that will everything go right sometimes it happens sometimes it all comes together and doesn't -- Indeed if he doesn't go to DC well historically now but credit yes. The more likely so there is at least one or two things and not go the way they anticipate and for the probably just a notch below but I do think -- team that can be in the discussion in the race strokes. Especially we don't know for sure they're gonna have actual out they have yeah I really haven't officially to -- and that's about it. So you know if there's one wildcard it's traditional format there their task just got tougher if there's too loud parents they their percentage went -- no question so. To walk hard to really help this team to make the playoffs. If that's all -- mentally. Art -- before we go wanna give a special shout out to our producer about when baseball alive present by The Washington Times. Sebastian Salazar is actually leading us he's been producing the show for the entire year is leaving us to go to DC united. And he is put in a lot of hard work on the show come -- on his days off gone through some stuff you when he believes the to just to make that show happened yet and we are very appreciated that and anybody that can make us look good right -- I figured it it's tough to thank you so that yeah he he's put up with a lot of consistency in at least. Well it was another good episode very excited this year for spring for baseball in general it's time -- he's been -- long winner over Retief and a long way at the line. We will be back with the way baseball closer to the season begins as they will both be down in Florida. But thanks for watching another episode about -- this -- life. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com is it a little bit different this you're not gonna sneak up by anyone you're gonna have a little bit more pulls on your back. That's okay. That's OK we've. We believe in our players the Redskins have planning to be confident about after capturing the division crown last season but despite all of their success. GM Bruce Allen stresses that they can't feel too complacent. feel comfortable we have to get better. And fortunately we have a young. Core of the team and we think those players better this year. With the season veterans that we have I think we have good leadership. You gotta do and that's look. One key element of that leadership faces linebacker Brian Orakpo return after missing most of the 112 season it's more. Won the possible. Well I know the the other part of the defense is also excited to get them back in. He's got a great attitude it's followed all the doctors. We need Brian Orakpo. The Redskins held their offseason additions will be that pushed the team needs to go even further next season. And his work was completed on the skins are you training facility in Richmond there will still be plenty of work players need to do in Tampa. their spot on the roster coach Shanahan from the beginning is one of competition and we're gonna have an excellent competition at a lot of positions. Not just for playing time but to make the football team. That's a training camp sport let everybody. Have an opportunity to succeed. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Bryce Harper historically struggles in San Fran

    Mon, 20 May 2013

    Csnwashington.com. Bryce Harper that San Francisco is one of his favorite places to play. That may be the case but he's struggled a hit there so far in his young career has won 43 batting average at AT&T park is his third worst. At any ballpark in baseball. Joining me now as I and that's insider mark Zuckerman mark let's start with Bryce Harper how important. Is his presence to the line up right now. It's really important cordoning. Do that often struggles they've had a lot of it is attributable. Being out mall adjacent worked out people at the two of them in the to get there once in the last eighteen. Harper the most productive hitter. The loss of work an injury has been just as beaten. Good and giving it it is of course the collective one teaching. With the 200 spot for an awful and not put anybody on base for. We're in there and broke him right in. Absolutely but one guy who hasn't been struggling right now as Adam LaRoche what's been his secret to his recent six sacks. Well you know if this goes back to a little especially with chipper Jones and Atlanta at the beginning of the former rival but also former teammate as it is when he played Chipper knows his swing started he stepped it up with a deep in Houston and it but until with a career high hitting streak. I think I the pressure off and for awhile is looking just to go the opposite he is. The last few days he seemed to turn a ball and really get to that just you know. And the right that huge difference that it was going in there and going to do you know. As long to get harper back it'll be quarter but it can be used to edge. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Oxbow pulls off Preakness upset

    Sat, 18 May 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. So the wait for eight triple crowd continues. It was I spoke pull it off the upset fifteen to one. Longshot if it was a convincing win here at the Preakness Stakes. He's jockey Gary Stevens said after the race he knew this what was over at the half mile post I fully expected that. Or possibly departing and will take charge. Would be making a run but I am I came into the stretch so loaded I couldn't believe that no one challenged me going into the far turn and when no one did. I said I think everybody is in trouble right now a lot of critics are gonna think that I'm. Still haven't seen this but I one with a little something left or not. When Gary turned the corner and we got that little bit a spurt on the lead change. Then I got to feel pretty comfortable of course I'm not auction or at that point I'm I'm trying to find will take charge and title town five and see how this things unfolding. After they you know hit the 36 people only watched one on. Satellite TU. To win a classic. It's fifty years old after seven years retirement it doesn't get any better this this this is a super super sweet and it happened for the right guy. All the stars were aligned in. I couldn't be more pleased. When in the saying it. It's even more special win it for the Wayne Lukas and his team. historic day here at old hall of fame trainer. He now has fourteen Triple wins which is the most of all time. In Baltimore Brett Myers Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Beltway Baseball: Why Strasburg will be just fine

    Thu, 9 May 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Are welcomed the beltway baseball here on CSN Washington dot com on chase Hughes and mark Zuckerman. And mark we've been through a month and a few weeks or overly down here. And the nationals as a team having kinda inconsistent but one thing that is really travelling fans and people around league starting to notice is it consistency of Stephen Strasburg. The numbers aren't that far off from what we've seen but it anyone who's watched him over the last few years and tell maybe there's something something a little bit off he's having trouble finding the strike zone. What do you make of the situation and do you think it is that they concern yeah I mean the thing is like you said the numbers don't look. It that far off feeds the pitching. for big league pitcher but he set such a high bar for so we've come to expect so much. Patted him it just doesn't quite look like what you expected the biggest thing is fastball command. You know he's not. Throwing strikes getting ahead in the count. The way it did it was so amazing about him as a rookie when he came back originally from the Tommy John surgery was the fact that. He could be a power pitcher while still having excellent coming that deadly combination. Just not quite there yet. Curve balls still excellent still excellent. I think you're seeing signs of improvement I think he's getting there but he still working on to think that it's mechanical mostly. And they they seem to determine and it's not physical it's mormons and you can see it on the on the field he's the body language that. He's impatient he gets frustrates easily and this just a matter of him being such a perfectionist. He's not used to not being great. He's used to being great not just good right exactly and I think that's that next step and take if he's really gonna become an ace of the World Series contender. It's about hey it doesn't matter what happens behind him Doesn't matter what run support I the umpire and I'm gonna go out I'm gonna beat no matter We're seeing there and do that right now I think it's time for Strasburg if he really wants to become an elite. Top. The line pitcher. That's what he needs you now quickly another guy who's had trouble as you can also I think might be a little bit more of a concern is his command has been quite there. I think it's curve ball isn't quite as sharp as it was last year this is something that might he might work out the kinks out. But he has been pride stuff yeah I mean an more erratic certainly had some fantastic start and that's really troubling ones I think his last start Pittsburgh may have been a turning point for them. Got a huge jam in the first inning lead off home runs very first pitch then he loads the bases. Nobody out. Battle back and get out six straight after that I can almost see a little something clicked inside and minutes that. Maybe this you Ozzie admitted afterwards and younger version him would have melted there. Let it spiral out control. That might be assigned an comes back next time that made it a big turning point mark let's talk about the catching situation we're moving through May and so far Davey has. Rotated kind of alternated and depending on the edge depending on the he said that at some he's gonna have to make a decision we saw over the weekend go back to back with Ramos. At some point. Maybe you and you think we're gonna see him go with the primary catcher I think so maybe not a true number one in the and a guy you know catching you know once or twice a week and I think he does. Number one wanna play the hot hand whoever it is. I think he hopes its problems he understands that everyone understands. That Wilson Ramos has higher ceilings and Kurt Suzuki put the whole package together offensively defensively he can do more so I think you're gonna start to see that. It Suzuki gets hot they'll play obviously. I think the preference be for to ultimately take over. I went into the numbers last week how the pitching staff has done with Suzuki and For some reason everybody but you done way better with over the past few seasons in their career ERA is. Are better with him in their career marks I don't I don't know I can't tell you why that is but that's the case yeah and I the pictures all insist they'll have both guys I don't know if there even where it. Yzerman tops they had success with Suzuki and it's amazing stats that would certainly something overtime that you have to look him. Now as we're getting close to the middle of may what we take stock with the division first the Braves came out really hot out of the gate. It was it was really at the point were you thinking all right who's gonna slow him down or what's gonna slow them down they didn't seem to have a weakness whatsoever. The nationals. Meanwhile your 500. But as they're starting to get things going they're not that far behind it could be much worse at this point oh absolutely mean if the nationals. Figure that April was their worst month but that's as bad against them they're going to be all right because they hover around 500. And the rays came back to earth and what's it was gonna happen next maybe not. To this extent you're surprised by that we're gonna play 900 ball. All right I think it was twelve and when you start here to me what's interesting is all of a sudden they're closer Craig Kimbrel. Most dominant closer in baseball last year and the first month this year he's blown three saves in days yeah giving up home runs. That's. Staggered problem right there I mean who knows just a blip. Or something long term about but also without Johnny Panthers won their top. Setup men and PG beaches and come back and just came back Heyward been out for a while there. BJ Upton knocked off to a good start the play and they got a lot of weapons are they're going to be good. Long term but they may not be quite easily as we and BJ Upton has been really bad and having having gas was really early on but. he's not looking like the next Mike Capps at this point about one thing I think it's interesting as the two best guys I think in their offense have to look at the numbers today. They've been Justin Upton and Chris Johnson who of course were with the team much yeah exactly they talk on all the offseason moves it made it mentioned Johnson as much damage in the Upton Brothers that night do you think getting Freddie Freeman back to deal with me that isn't fantastic all around first baseman. The Braves are going to be fine long term this can make good race really do believe that. CSN Washington dot com.