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Wizards-Suns game highlights-2/20



  1. Randy Wittman1:00
  2. Channing Frye0:17
  3. Steve Nash0:36
  4. John Wall0:03, 0:26
  5. Nick Young0:10
  6. Trevor Booker0:11
  7. Wizards0:09, 0:24, 0:45
  8. Suns0:07, 0:52
  9. Washington0:00, 1:29
Tue, 21 Feb 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. John Wall open and this road trip all the positive note but. But the Suns were burning it off early in the first Wizards down three Nick Young mrs. Trevor Booker is there for the back slam. Later in the quarter Channing Frye says anything Booker didn't know I can -- just as well chanting delivers. Sums up my six after one Wizards with a little showtime that's John Wall to JaVale -- on the LE of them for the game later in the quarter up priest. By Jim bell and it -- in the first half. Over four minutes left in the half Steve Nash could pass him Morrison scored tied for the don't. He had thirteen first half. -- amplified -- the parade games fell apart for the Wizards in the third quarter of the top of the key match buries the jags. And up eleven quart pot spins baseline for the last Suns outscored the Wizards 32 to thirteen in the quarter where I had money. Mean winning easily one of four ABA is Randy Wittman on third quarter meltdown. It's like I'm not gonna put up that. That's something we haven't been doing. And I believe we're -- one. Go on a spree of most unselfish personal -- best course seen. Since I've taken over. Okay. I gotta find the right people play the right way if where I'm not let this affect him. CSN Washington dot com.

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