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Kelli Johnson talks with Bryce Harper-Part 4--2/22



  1. Wrigley Field2:10
  2. Sarah Hughes3:04
  3. the Yankees1:50
  4. Broadway shows0:34
  5. Ireland3:21
  6. Twitter0:03
  7. Washington0:00, 3:31
  8. secret ballot0:52
Wed, 22 Feb 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- do Twitter. Using the social media. And I read some that but don't name -- he wanted to have fun and that. -- -- -- -- I think you're going to tell wrong and I like I wanna. Blackout flown yeah I it's not as -- thing I want to do. It was you know the other side of the movies and you know commercials. You like to dig out of that cast you know I was always in this. You know -- You know things like that alone feeling. You know plays and going to movies -- seen you know Broadway shows and I just have always been so you know there's nothing to that going out and you know I mean you know partying -- right and I never been in that has that and then we'll be us and that's not me. -- -- You wanna be able speak your mind you want to do you have fun -- exact people know who you are secret ballot that's it's -- you know exactly says I got a good round and you know things like that never gonna. You know do that you know given -- -- so -- -- -- anything like that so. Yeah I missed my guess that I wanted to you know do those things and you you know. Movies I think that's awesome and it's almost I think you know when your base of player you wanna be you know actor when you're actors -- -- an athlete I think that's that's always been -- You know I would -- -- you know fulfill a dream analysis. But you know I got to perform on the field person I understand that there is nothing like anything mentioning -- -- So that hurt that there's a lot of athletes so they don't like the whole spotlight that -- going to be one and embraces I just I've always in. And I'm always like that so. You know did you even if you know if you give me crap for it in my players are teammates you know where you know I'm a movie or something like that and you know at their craft or if it's finally made -- and it's going to be fun it's entertaining things like that. We should say then that the Yankees and Mets cannot have. Doesn't sound like in the yard kick your standard part of it and it's. It's okay take -- that scenario opening day. You suit up at the national. What -- feeling. It's and it shows singer. I'll be in Wrigley Field so that would that be pretty cool you know no player anyway and things like that would be. Pretty a little group I'm sure have my family -- my -- day. It has failed you know it's who doesn't play early in the outfield -- just where that nationals across his chest things like fences. I would be an unbelievable dream come true you know and then they'll go to DC and they'll play in the capital and I think that's you know I think played in the capital be unbelievable play in the nation's capital and being around all -- you know media and politics and you know just. I think all the spot I would be on DC and I think that's that's that's also an excuse or things like that. You know wondering in your -- that now. Opening day. You're not the case and you it's mine to. But how tough without. Just feel like actually you know you know wherever I go double hairs Sarah Hughes is where they -- -- the delay. They're very you know definitely for me it's it's a great heart great place to play. You know video clip of Beasley AAA and he's great managers have that be great team and but there's nothing like opened up in the business I guess you'd say it's Ireland I don't want to blow up from the minors and sort of some -- of this -- Then it's up -- him away before her her ankle -- -- the favorite so let's. She is in Washington dot com.

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