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Fri, 24 Feb 2012|

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CSN Washington dot com. Armor back Redskins nation presented by -- that kept their UC head coach Jim Harbaugh all the San Francisco 49ers several of the coaches get a chance to stand in front of the media here at Columbine. The talk about their plans with us rich and -- from CSN Washington dot com. I'm Mike Shanahan not taking the podium this year the only place you'll hear Mike Shanahan is right here -- Redskins nation. We have -- back to the segment two of Mike Shanahan a little bit later in the show but rich this thing has grown over the years as a bit. Oh yeah it's it's amazing I mean this is my it's my third year here actually even in just those three years it's gone you know it's it's just. Exploded just like interest in the NFL hands. Are what your perspective here what do you hear from the fans what do you think the Redskins are gonna do obviously we will not be told what they're gonna do everybody keeps asking the coach as to the general manager -- I can tell us. What do you hear the fans -- Last thing I mean I think they they really know yet I mean you got almost to about two months to the draft. So I'm sure there's still put their options in front of them you know the fans. Robert Griffin the third Heisman Trophy winner out of Baylor. I think that's the didn't overwhelming -- stories -- union may make fans very happy. If if they went in that direction so you know but then some other fans saying well you have to give -- probably next year's first round pick. Another -- human process so can a team that it has a lot of needs and is you know is still rebuilding. I'm can name can they afford to do that so it's not you know. There but there's risk. In every approach -- so you know that I think that when -- the preferred option out there. Offense love the excitement and RG three would bring in obviously the Redskins need to bolster their quarterback position but at what cost the cost is going to be enormous amount given the vibe from fans. Don't necessarily want to mortgage that future I mean that is they're really as the decision when it comes to that specific picked moving up to get him it's pretty black and white. How much is the cost and it seems like it's going to be enormous. Write him in you know I don't think it would make sense to do it for anything but a franchise quarterback to know they have to go. Coach Shanahan the -- the scouting staff. Everybody they got to look at that -- -- have to be you can't be positive somebody's in the franchise quarterback but they need to be very very competent. That he can make it you know. Franchise quarterback will cover a whole lot of bills a look at the New York Giants and one of the worst offensive lines in the league last year. My far Eli Manning though the ball quickly Smart guy can bail me out a good quarterback. Can make up for a lot of close. You know another -- the question we hear over and over and over and it's not as specific as the quarterback question moving up moving down it's what positions. Are the Redskins gonna concentrate on in the draft and I guess we really don't know until after free agent. Right and you know it's it's fun to talk about it it's you know we're we're here obviously with a couple -- to go to on -- free agency starts. But. Yet. You you don't really know that. You know you've got to think though you know until the wide receiver. I'll be looking him in a cornerback may be. He's still lead three -- De'Angelo and Josh Wilson going anywhere but you really need three starting caliber quarterbacks spent cornerbacks especially. In the NFC east -- you know every team can throw a bunch of bunch of good receivers -- We have not seen any team's many teams put that franchise tag on a player yet and talking to some of the administrators here at the calm bond with various NFL teams are really is no benefit. To slap that tag on a guy early so we're gonna hear about that next week I think. Yeah I mean you know why not see if you can continue to talk to the player and -- I see wanna work out a long term deal that both sides can live. But it can't do that you have to march 5 to do it so I think I think in that we those days leading up to Mark Spitz is we're gonna see a lot of it a lot of that going on. Cap space for the Redskins is abundant than there near the top of the list in terms of teams available cap space so. I'll say buckle up on me for free agency it's going to be hot that. Yeah and what you know I just it just gives them a lot of options. And yeah Jones so they can and they can move they can they can make an offer that maybe another team can't match because they can put a good amount. Up front. But they also know also cap space for the entire -- tenure duration CBA. You can roll over your unused space to the next years so you -- they leave 1520 million dollars on the table that's OK it is just piled on to a 2013. As some fans think that they're coming here to the Columbine Indianapolis say is equivalent to watching paint dry. But for us who were football geeks it doesn't get much better than this doesn't. Yeah no not at all I mean this you know -- against Harbaugh coaching their Jason Garrett was just on the podium and -- a lot. Parade of NFL coaches and GMs know plus players tomorrow quarterbacks will be at the podium. Andrew Luck RG three that's always a lot of fun. Mean I missed chasing cure our shocks they thank you rich Taylor -- Redskins nation after quick TO. CSN Washington dot com.

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