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Fri, 24 Feb 2012|

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CSN Washington dot com. So we're all excited about those and that's one of the reasons this -- Gio Gonzales -- from Oakland all star last year three point 12 yacht race sixty wins begins to be even better here. We talked to do that check. You don't joins us now man not welcome to the nets officially. And I gotta ask you this man now what what's your impressions this team so far -- got a chance kind of get your bearings a little bit. I mean I like you're right now this is a great organization to be apart right now. Some these guys are are young and ready to go full of energy. I'm still trying to pick up some energy he -- allergies being the old guy in Oakland also and I'm kind of like in between here. So I'm excited this is real cool I I can't wait for the season starter if -- -- -- for the first game is for trains are. Gerald and Mets give -- three prospects to bring you in so that tells me that they have a lot of confidence in you do you feel. Added pressure when you come to you coming to this team knowing they gave up that much to get you here. No I just feel that they they saw. That took a shot with me and they they they feel that the real confident when we select kind of feeling. Always motivates me to get better and do better you know I think that you know players they gave -- -- their outstanding players I've heard that from a couple players already. So -- it may serve let me know they -- Reading give up no Joe -- for you gave us some guys so -- some odd time -- just I'm getting put any arrests. I'm trying to -- whatever I can out of it and try to do my best for them. And how what DC have you have you got a sense of the city yet that you really just look around in -- little flavor of the town. I did I did Alex Dudley Moore goes up they're jumping around they -- it was a Rocky movie but. And I put my hat down on our way we and watched in. But on all the excitement was when I got there that have been a capitals game and and we won Saudi someone a little bit of positive energy on what we need to come back and a daughter -- to mortgage the some words words words -- there's a Redskins players. Not be more than happy to goes -- of the guys need some more luck who have when when you wouldn't -- look at Q what can they expect from you I'm gonna try to go out there and try to eat some innings more. -- and it's articles this since a majority 78 innings every slower. Most likely don't expect. 45 home runs a game American like -- -- -- down. But but exactly what it is I'm gonna try to do my best in the pitching department. Hitting out try to -- as best as I can and and work on that. It had anything you can do I think you could say they help Stephen Strasburg got army the guys unbelievably talented he's coming off an injury we know what he can do when he gets out there on the -- But you know you've been all the -- been through it not oldest -- you all would cure all that and he -- -- more fans need to you you know how can you help remodeled. Well this is you call me grandfather and a -- and I didn't sit well Cooper what are I think that whoever the good out there you go Oriole. Nobody of -- -- that I know you're saying but like how was for me I had I had a coach. That help me out as well as a player like you know does -- my coach. When I needed -- inspiration or something to work on some like that talk to but again that was something I had to go up to him and -- I really don't. Play that cultural unless you come up to me and asked me if they what do you think about this isn't that that's how was in Oakland we -- whatever our our questions on the table. And we just picked up little by little the answers so. That's exactly what what hopefully we can do here hopefully there's no no Eagles here Eagles. There's no pride here every one years having you know. A sense of trying to win the game so if we can put that aside I think that we're going to be fine and we stay healthy and we stay focused then and and you know. We'll be all we might be in the playoffs like you are through Philadelphia refs -- they usually equals. In an awful lot about Rocky and yeah we didn't hit -- he hit. Not it's not about that. And -- -- right now I -- electricity went out and Joseph hit that well and that Alabama when I got it I got a EMI braces out of my mouth right now. I'm -- in my words you do -- five match. Good luck at spring training and we'll see you soon back a decent you're welcome on the show an antibody we'll talk to soon absolutely. That you grab me I meant. CSN Washington dot com.

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