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Chris Miller reports on the All Star Saturday Night-2/25



Csnwashington.com. Still is the calm before the all star Saturday night's storm here at Amway Center plenty of activities tonight. Sort of what the three point shoot out and ending what he sometimes surprising. And oftentimes amazing. Dunk contests. And after John Wall put on its own personal dunk contests in the rise -- starts challenged he hopes for a better performance and this year skills competition. Plaster wall finished with a time of 39 point three. Had -- at some time with that long chest pass finishing fourth out of five contestants. Warriors -- curry was victorious. Wall is hoping for a better result tonight. But this -- announcement last. You did that you said that -- -- as hard as they did you need to work on something like that Tennessee's a great thing and I got about as bad -- in the first drive to -- is I got the longest beds or not to qualified job with so. I we're about -- undone but excuse this and have a -- -- is doing and have a good time and everything but it -- Meanwhile no Blake Griffin no JaVale McGee despite their classic throw downs last year at Los Angeles but rising star in Paul George from Indiana. Could be a sleeper who told me he's got something up his sleeve for this year's dunk contest. All there is a rumor that you are -- -- jump from half court during the dunk contest is a true. That is true. And I got some just good stuff but mostly. Clearly people look at you as the favorite. But they also look at this don't count this is like well they're not lot of big names in and how did you change that perception. I mean really just put on August oh. I think regardless of the names and still got to come out and perform. And on topic well because they pick ours. Are capable of doing so we're from Washington we saw JaVale McGee say three basketball's and -- -- in the two hoops last year. What did you think when you saw do you have anything like that in your reference off. Now got the link to bill got hurt and they need a big deal was -- that that dunk contest -- up for -- But Augusta Augusta of the -- that's also the -- on the floor so. George is among four newcomers to the contest you might notice none of these guys ranked in the top thirty adults at the halfway point of the season. It keep an eye on rockets' chase but injure a former volleyball player with plenty of pops. Still hear from the winners coming up tonight during Geico sports net central at 1 AM. Amway Arena here in Orlando Florida Chris Miller Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com.



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