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Greivis Vasquez talks about playing in the NBA-2/26



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Sun, 26 Feb 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Got lucky enough to be joined now by a Maryland legend -- it is a Maryland -- legends. Yeah or extra OK Greivis Greivis Vasquez -- -- back in town during the all star break. You took over when Jarrett Jack went down injured New Orleans and you put not numbers thirteen point seven assists three rebounds how's the season don't -- -- loans. Furcal for all thank you for for his opportunity to come over here and I and those -- -- -- of our fans and people that really support me and a follow my career. I'm very blessed. About things and -- them before that. Enough to return to being away from me. In terms of producing good numbers and then you get my team is that -- better. And coach -- into words what these systems and controls me a little remorse over that's important this is another example -- the a lot of people. Didn't think Corey is fast is to play point guard the NBA another good chance for you to prove your critics wrong definitely to have gotten -- -- Am I allowed the than over and I'm. When people start doubting me and -- and criticize me I just that just motivates me I think they MBAs on the balls. You get that chance and being golfers now how my confidence and how much you enjoyed your time around so much and you've got to the NBA was there a moment. At all you looked around and said. And there's LeBron there's. The effect on the uncommonly sensitive. An -- -- without a delay of school you not think cohesiveness in the league. Steve grass. Who would play against these guys played -- John story of the season and made. -- T Mac I mean c'mon now you're on him and at the break -- through that and possibly some. A blast it was all the moments she gave Maryland fans over the years thank you so much -- he's -- mean here she -- in Washington dot com.

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