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CSN Washington dot com. I'd take a look at the highlights tonight caps now as Michael nor ever getting the start a late announcement third straight start just over four minutes in -- not the start he was hoping for jockey failure of the Islanders. Since we've moved in front -- his own rebound for the goal. Yeah a little bit of a mishap or Jeff Schultz going down here Brett poorly -- slower -- at home. And it's just the little Phillies be right there ever one backed off. Laid -- the middle easy goal seventh of the season for Bailey native won enough things that had chances in the first had a better run of play but -- getting a -- -- Just unbeatable. Gulf state stalled there are a lot of poise a lot of patience. Second period now. Whoever wasn't tested a whole heck of a lot but he made his days when he had to. Big -- twenty saves for Michael whoever -- expert analysis there around thank you very much. Nor ever one after -- the -- -- Perot with a chance in front drifted at times nine had an opportunity there for Nabokov. They're good they're birds who want nothing Steve staff wrote it on net. Matt most of the flight than anything you say about that. Yeah four guys up front and that goalie can't see is too easy just goes under the crossbar you when you have highs when people in front of the net. 127. Of the season from Molson nice hands in front of it. Tip claims 227. Consecutive games there about a minute later though Michael Grant are on the breakaway tries to go back across the potty. Delivered that brilliant save -- Gload by a -- been here great basis by Michael labor good thing at -- if they don't -- third and a half minutes left now. Paralysis centering pass to Troy Brown or he would happen if they're on then yeah it's funny how I have like a teenager credit for -- that finally get a guy to the front of the net. Passes the test. -- you cram for an advantage to get a guy in front of the net and the -- You know at the last minute doing things right there a second the last thing if you didn't do it because you got that right that's why I'm doing this for a living six on five empty net goal Broward deflected in. Halpern winning a faceoff but he's a 103000 people in front of that that it's funny how the puck go to -- -- less than thirty seconds left play to celebrate about a few goals in three minutes then they go to overtime Josh Bailey loses control. And it goes though would. It takes advantage of Travis -- -- five hole. They are over how I'm excited to to improve on that elegant -- stomach but anyway -- got -- -- best in Bible rather try to shoot rerouting shared that they're off. -- a big goal is 26 for the season that's your ball game three gold with a little over five minutes of play. And the -- in the grade -- and told everyone home. Have your game summary presented by should need got. Federal system the game winning goal think the most important thing obviously. Is the points. You look back there and get nothing tonight now they're back in the playoffs and eighth place at a put him up in the standing there in the playoffs that they go to bed tonight third and eight fox -- -- -- the game at home. Actually Viktor -- the Washington Capitals tonight. Great five minute game. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Washington Capitals3:03
  2. Troy Brown1:39
  3. Michael Grant1:25
  4. Jeff Schultz0:18
  5. Josh Bailey2:15
  6. Broward2:01
  7. Nabokov1:01
  8. loses control2:16
  9. Consecutive games1:22
  10. expert analysis0:50
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