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CSN Washington dot com. Wizards hosting the magic tonight. Wizards. Beginning a five game homestand pick it up in the first little defense by John Wall. Up ahead. Couple nice passes to go on the -- acrobatic shot wall had 33 in this game -- is down by. We'll go to the third quarter that's where Jordan Crawford takes over. Crawford at fourteen. Points. In the third quarter Wizards. Up by seven at that point. Fast forward fourth quarter magic hit 153. That was a different Chris Duhon knocks down that. Triple is that magic regained the lead at. Wizards looking to answer first evidenced knocked down a triple -- tied at 83 but in the end did you talked about Ron. Dwight Howard is one tough guy to stop. He's just resist the load inside people and -- us and pregame show only give them credit for being the defender or don't but his offensive skills are very very. So the magic going to win by seven -- But looking at some of the positives certainly think justice turn -- Dallas -- concede that just ten in this game. And but he did get beat up on the boards in modest you know surprising that this didn't show up for the next graphic. The Wizards outscored the Orlando Magic on the inside on in the race. But that means not just their post got us going -- we're attacking the basket to put in -- pressure going. -- Dwight Howard -- forcing him to do more than just try to be an offensive player tonight. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Chris Duhon0:46
  2. Dwight Howard1:00, 1:41
  3. Orlando Magic1:32
  4. John Wall0:13
  5. Jordan Crawford0:32
  6. Wizards0:06, 0:08, 0:39
  7. Dallas1:20
  8. Washington0:00, 1:46
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