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Wounded Warriors visit Nationals spring training-2/29



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Wed, 29 Feb 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. The nationals have suffered their seventh straight losing season since moving to Washington. But that's nothing compared to what they're special guests at spring training have been through aisles and I've patrol in the southeastern Afghanistan and us all -- I vehicle roller overnight he went off and I suffered. Bilateral amputations as a result. But not only did these wounded Warriors survived their injuries they're back doing what they love playing for the Washington Nationals amputee traveling softball team. One of the first thoughts I had I was laying on the ground was if I was actually available walker you know be able police force or anything in in. I mean it at that time I didn't know anyone else who is in my situation lost -- everything like that so I had no idea liquid capabilities were after it happened. I had always been in sports and softball was part of my life so getting it back was it was how I completed my new normal. I wasn't already -- giving up. Now on April 3 following the nationals exhibition game against the Boston Red Sox. This team a wounded Warriors who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. We'll play it Nationals Park in the second annual celebrity softball classic. And in the meantime they train like any other team getting a workout at Space Coast Stadium after watching the big leaguers do their thing. To get back out here and if -- -- well we're and for the nationals to figure something has come down here we're got them it's -- -- -- here. We -- out here in spring training you know guys are playing every day in the majors and in other talking with us like you don't -- one of the guys in the team -- cast furthermore it's just as. Firing story it's not about winning we've this teams already won. The other their lives near Florida Kelly Johnson Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com.

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