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Tony Dungy: Is Peyton Manning a good fit for the Redskins? -3/5



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Mon, 5 Mar 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Tony Dungy from football night American joining us Dan Patrick show. Peter King said 10% chance that Payton could still come back to the Colts have said all along that he's not coming back. Now as we get closer to that deadline for Thursday what do you think happens. I think -- that chance but I know that they're they're talking and try to figure out that the way to go I hope it happens I hope he doesn't end up back with the Colts. And I think that's where you should finish his career. I'm probably on the kind of agree with Peter and so it is is that 10% chance and I hope as we get close to tomorrow it's safe that it it worked out that you know that's what happened. But you got the Dolphins to get the reds I mean there's gonna be teams that are waiting but what do you think. Would be the perfect fit for Peyton. -- I don't know there it is it perfect fit -- that that's part of the problem if you don't go back home where you know everything and you know what the situation is you know you could go and that the Kurt Warner in. New York with the Giants -- the Kurt Warner and Arizona going to the Super Bowl is that Brett Favre in New York you know not having the greatest. Regrets. Brett Favre and Minnesota and you all have that unknown. And it's kind of a roll of the dice and that's why I think it. It's either going back if you are -- and you wanna play your your brother bought back into unknown situation. Yeah but he's not gonna win there and be in he's got to win championships I think that's all that's left for -- playing ending -- playing at a high level he's not going to be able to do that with that roster. Well that may we say not -- -- the wind you didn't think San Francisco on pivotal win this year with. Pretty much the same roster. And so I wouldn't play that is it can't happen. You know theoretically can they won a Super Bowl. Maybe not but I don't know that they were worse in the San Francisco. You know less you know we'll see what happens but. You know and and I have got to -- a little bit in the and that says you know don't go into it that way that -- we can't win here or or this team can win in this thing can't. You have to do it. Pretty when did you talk to them. I spoke to him does want. In the last couple weeks but it I noted that it talent what -- Battling to just play or battling to stay or battling to go elsewhere. Did not well number one when I -- I think he he does he really wants to play that -- the biggest thing and I think he'd prefer to play there I really do but. We'll see what happens. Yeah. That I don't know. That's going to be you know medical doctors and everything else then but in his mind you will be ready to play in in the fall Wednesday they open up questions. But if he is going to be out there on the open market he's gonna affect the draft more than anybody. Because these teams are gonna look at Robert Griffin the third or any hill and say all right who we take -- Do we go for Peyton Manning like the Redskins have the Dolphins. They need quarterbacks. If if you're going after Robert Griffin the third or you know somebody else or -- you're gonna go for Peyton Manning broke. Well I don't think there's any question about it than it -- -- the papers for of the U gonna impact several things that is gonna impact the draft. It's gonna. His new -- will be the biggest. It's a decision making process and the whole cold draft no question. Then I look at the Browns I don't know if the Browns are gonna pay enough. To get Robert Griffin the third seems like the Redskins will. But. If on the Brown's -- I know he's got holes to fill. But I certainly like a hat I like to have a guy that I know I don't have to worry about for the next ten years with Robert Griffin the third. Well you look at what Cam Newton did for Carolina Carolina hit a lot of pieces in place. -- -- -- -- The holes doesn't become that and they they become a very dynamic offense because of what he brings to the table and you make everybody felt better. And I think I'd definitely -- Robert Griffin can do the same thing you know Andrew Luck and do the same thing you have the chance to get guys like that. It's worked quite a bit. You've seen -- in the past few years. -- you're right on again. You know. Peyton Manning brought a lot on the table and Indianapolis. And Eli Manning has brought a lot of table in new York and they and they gave up a lot. You know to get -- but they've won two Super Bowl now. CSN Washington dot com.

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