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Who was more impressive last weekend McIlroy or Woods?-3/5



CSN Washington dot com. I think very much it would bestselling author John finds you among his many books that the sport of golf. What was more impressive to you at the Honda classic what roared back where did down the stretch knowing those wars were from tiger what tiger did his best final round ever. Yes 62 is a great number I don't care where he shooter to wing issues on a Sunday on a tough windy golf course that's a great round of golf that said. Lee Westwood shot 63 and Brian Harmon shot 61 on the golf course on Friday when -- probably played a little bit tougher. But as it so is impressive is that was what Rory McIlroy did when you think about all of what what was at stake. He was trying to become number one in the world he wanted to do it who's trying to win a golf tournament he heard that Tiger Woods roar when he made eagle on eighteen as he was standing over -- Birdie Putt. On thirteen and he poured it right in and then when he did get a little nervous coming down the stretch missed three greens out of four. He got it up in in an all three. Holes and this is a guy -- year ago I don't think does that so I give the new number one in the world but not. Who's among the happy right now we would you call that the TV networks the golf hall because of what you what is setting up here if tiger is true and what he's saying that it is getting close. And that was as good a -- as we've seen from him and on the tore. And the young kid now a number one and Rory McIlroy I mean we got WGC next week we've gotten masters and -- a month. On throwing the fact -- Phil Mickelson also play or we could Doral and NBC is just doing -- -- hula dance somewhere over the back into three of them could be in contention I think Dan -- mentioned it. 43 times in the last twelve minutes and Elliot and next week it got beat tiger Phillip Morris we'll could be. And -- they're all playing well right now and and they were all. Exciting in their own way Tiger Woods is Tiger Woods he's unique Phil Mickelson is beloved by the fans and Rory McIlroy I think has the potential. To be one of the best number ones we've had in a long time and that's stuck in a golf I'm not comparing him to Tiger Woods but I'm talking the whole package the way he handles himself. Off the golf course as well as the way he handles himself on the golf course I'll be number one for the next ten years. It and -- gonna have to be to match tiger was 622 weeks on the -- that in the way -- get the -- -- not compare this guy short Tiger Woods because Tiger Woods to me is the greatest player in history all due respect Jack Nicklaus. But let him be a guy who wins 456 majors. And I'll be very happy and having said that it was last year at the masters we saw Rory McIlroy just disintegrate on that final round. You expect him to be a far different golfer number one in the world won a couple times back in Augusta you think it's going to be and that coronation right there -- is no way to know when you know. How you can come in the playing any given week in a major but I'll say this if he has a four shot lead going into Sunday. He's not shooting. In fact I'll -- he wins the golf tournament I go out on that that land. Whether you can get to Sunday with a lead for everybody is the issue and and that's what makes Augusta great because it is that back nine on Sunday. Is usually filled with so many chills and spills and you know people forget what Charl Schwartzel birdied the last four -- to win the masters last year that was extraordinary but. I see Rory McIlroy of being on the leaderboard on a lot of Sundays to -- the Sundays that really mattered the most because unlike a lot of players. This guy isn't just about making money he wants the money he's happy with the money but. He wants to be a champion he really wants to win majors and be a great champion and I I I hope he's going CSN Washington dot com.



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  3. Phil Mickelson1:24, 1:47
  4. Rory McIlroy0:33, 1:18, 1:49
  5. Jack Nicklaus2:18
  6. Birdie Putt0:45
  7. Augusta2:38, 2:58
  8. Westwood0:25
  9. golf course0:22, 0:28, 2:02
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