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Wed, 7 Mar 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. He's made over violent god god and five. -- up and got to compete. -- -- I love the music I love the smell of a post season basketball on. And actually makes me tick. And I got sisco what's your mindset as you head into -- that week. My mindset is to give this fresh mentally and physically. This late in the year were using were running on fumes a little bit that we haven't practiced hard enough for this team basis. Sheer numbers just talking to -- you know rely on those guys -- so many minutes in the games. I just can't Wear down -- practice if it's really that's what that's what works. Little softer than any of the things. Actually -- tough enough. Don't don't don't. Long ago -- -- to log on guys. A lot of us. So we've got to lot one night he doesn't score. We come down to -- what we don't score again Alex does a finger roll to -- -- me and then we run run homer guy. You wonder why we can't score numbers on the right. And smile yeah I don't -- the guys. And they surprised if our team's surprise. There's no question about it guys guys you can not finish -- that we don't practice it never thought we'd have a winning record and we're guaranteed a winning record and we're sitting on the bench against Radford and -- -- I don't think we're the only league game that damn who we were lucky to win those games. Restrained trade Brewers -- it's not get off balance concerns. Good shot out and girl. Got a good -- those two weeks. And god oh my goodness there's in my. Under the circumstances I'm proud of this group -- handled in -- foundation that we -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- I just hope there's a little bit more entertaining. They've given me a minute they've they've they've given me everything that -- I just hope the best still out there is probably what the future our program line should. CSN Washington dot com.

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