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CSN Washington dot com. Wizards and Lakers tonight there is the best -- in the house Kobe Bryant leaving the NBA in scoring at. Feeling it believe given the -- to engage trolls who phallic confederate. So -- -- finished tonight with thirty points but only night at 31. From the feel old at the -- just seemed like. Who the Wizards. Did nothing rob was told that I -- that I. Early on that this would like to bed and there's nothing right admits it's going for the did they didn't have delay the energy you missed some shots in his. Justin looked good early. Just a microcosm is Nick Young lost. What was -- easy lay up in years. Steve Blake over Kobe got him down to three. Forty points in the first tip but Kobe but again held to ten in the second half Wizards breaking -- Trevor Booker. Who had the double double eighteen points and seventeen rebounds his first. Three pointer of the season. Wizards down fifteen at the great second half and things turn around in a -- John Wall not the best game for him just before point 21 of eight. It's that to deal and Enron. It was the bench making a huge difference in this game tonight in the third they had good chemistry going that route due to penetrate and pitch -- second effort there was Roger Mason from the perimeter knocking down shots. And we've got to the point -- Randy Wittman didn't wanna take them off the court even when they got tied. Here all put the it's the old Nick -- at. And then the finish at the basket and all of this lead is now starting to -- A four point game fourth quarter. Back to the hot hand Roger Mason won that you know he had a goal and go back to win that would match. Hit a good job back and realize that Roger had it going and kept the opening tip he. In this -- their energy was up here what was good and it was just a beautiful thing -- -- they've really really played well together. Would -- like a nice flow. Wizards at a seventeen -- you run -- Mesa -- -- down another long shot and Kevin Souter who would you say about this guy career high fourteen for sitter for the he had a huge fourth quarter. He gets to throw down. And the Wizards get the win first win over the Lakers since December 17 2006. The final was 1062101. And Roddick Hewitt to the final stats what jumps off the -- coming into the game who would not convinced that the Wizards would have out rebounded. The Lakers that we did. Tonight I thought that was one move and you know areas and they just police got after their physical play with their second effort. I've been there for nine rebounds will score seventeen rebounds that's a career high a great job but it was. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Roger Mason1:22, 1:45
  2. Randy Wittman1:27
  3. Steve Blake0:48
  4. John Wall1:07
  5. Nick Young0:42
  6. Trevor Booker0:56
  7. Wizards0:05, 0:27, 0:54
  8. Kobe0:09, 0:48, 0:52
  9. Lakers0:06, 2:24, 2:38
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