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Ross Tucker talks Manning, RG3 and the state of the Redskins



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Thu, 8 Mar 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Enjoy is now in BC NFL analyst and former redskin Ross Tucker will Ross. Everyone seems to have an opinion on where Peyton Manning should go what do you think. I really think to the top two candidates really by far at this point are the Arizona Cardinals in the Miami Dolphins I just can't foresee him. Going up to the Pacific northwest with the Seattle Seahawks. To talk about -- the Redskins of course I just don't think he wants ago. To the NFC east I think he wants warmer weather I think he wants some elite receivers. I think he wants a big time defense think both those places have. So -- I'm going to get at this point it's almost a two horse race although I do think Kansas City. Could -- in surprise some people. Yeah we've heard that Peyton wants to stay in the AFC house series do you think he is on that. I don't think that that is a huge factor for him I mean is it something you know consider. Yeah I think it's on that he would consider but I find it hard to believe that he would pick the Miami Dolphins over the Arizona Cardinals simply because the Miami Dolphins. Are in the AFC I mean if you're in the AFC east. And you're playing the Jets of course should play and Tom Brady. Bill Belichick and the Patriots. Twice a year whereas I think you have a much better shot to win the division and get. Somewhere in the playoffs in the NFC west so I've heard that. -- also were reports that his dad has visions of of an all Manning Super Bowl which. You know for for from my perspective of that was gonna happen it probably order would have. We know Rossi mentioned the Redskins there one of the rumored teams to be interested whether Peyton wants to go to Washington -- toll another subject. But given the system the Mike Shanahan runs the control at his son Kyle likes to have would Peyton be a good fit here. I think he could be because talk -- of people with the Redskins I think that they'd be willing to Taylor what they do. To Peyton Manning I mean if you get Peyton Manning. I think and he's helping you pretty much let him do what he's over he's done I mean it's almost like the guys. Fluent in French and he's the best you know French speaker Doleac and I -- speak Spanish I mean let them do. What he does and one thing I've heard a lot and I'm one of the people incentive for a little while is his athleticism is not quite what. The Redskins in the Shanahan would like what do you think about it. How Shanahan had an awful lot of success -- used to a match up Matt Schaub isn't a great athlete himself. We know Ross obviously everyone believes it's time the Redskins finally go out and get that franchise quarterback a lot of fans here wanna see them do it through the draft do you think it's time that Washington turned their attention. To RG three. I think that they well I think the best case scenario for the Redskins is that as soon -- free agency starts. The Cleveland Browns signed Matt Flynn. Because then the Redskins are in the drivers seat I firmly believe that this St. Louis Rams. They don't wanna go too far down I mean I do remainder of the Cleveland before so they can still get Justin Blackmon or Morse Claiborne the wide who's here from Oklahoma State. Or the quarterback from L issue. If they can't go to four because Cleveland already has their quarterback in Matt Flynn spend the next best option for them is number six. Once you start to get lower than that with the Miami in the Seattle's. Then -- really getting in his second tier of players I don't think that the Rams wanna do that so I think if you're Redskins fan. The hope has to be that Matt Flynn side of the Cleveland Browns as soon as free agency stars because then it puts the Washington Redskins. Absolutely in the driver's seat for RG three. Well whoever the -- in Atlantic quarterback how important do you think it is that Mike Shanahan get this right. Well I mean it it's it's it's make or break time you know obviously. Daniel Snyder's not known for his patience although. It does appear as if he's been more. You know hands off with Bruce Allen Mike Shanahan. He's letting them do their thing but let's be honest I mean he's Oprah to write in you know and Donovan McNabb did not work out. Last year you having a stake my reputation. On both John Beck. As well as Rex Grossman that didn't go that well in the NFL if you go for three in terms of having successful seasons. Over three of the quarterback position that usually it. All right Ross Tucker NBC NFL analyst we appreciate the time thanks so much. Anytime. CSN Washington dot com.

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