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Trevor Matich on if Pierre Garcon is a good fit for Redskins



  1. Eric Winston1:48
  2. Jabar Gaffney1:25
  3. Houston Texans1:47
  4. Arizona Cardinals1:52
  5. Eddie Royal0:21, 0:23
  6. Josh Morgan0:17
  7. Levi Brown1:50
  8. Moss0:52
Tue, 13 Mar 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Are right what we're looking at this by the way ticket and as long when my guy Trevor managed -- the news is he's flying in here. Parts of Trevor the deal officially done as far as that trade but the Rams go so RG three presumably on the way here appear are saw signs today. We've got Josh Morgan possibly signing as Jews we just talked about and also Eddie Royal several sources -- reporting Eddie Royal. What do you like those moves. I do like those who just pure hustle has a good fit for this office the kind of office where you for short passes which is the ball. Out of the quarterback hands quickly and then let him run up the feeling the yards after the catch and think about guard so. Is that on the upside he's got great speed -- average about five point two yards. After the catch. Does it compare it to Jackson that the biggest free agent wide receiver this year only averages about three point seven yards. After the catch is Santana Moss only about three point eight so this is the kind of guy who could pick a short catch turn into a big play. The downside they've got to be careful about is that he's not known for running crisp routes and he does have moments of brain -- where he will drop the ball. -- from a development standpoint with a young quarterback with the young 46 years old. Your -- -- a very good fit for the soft ourselves we got royal possibly Morgan writing on the -- percent to animals very much so there and -- and other people too because you look at royal if he comes here very good receiver but also an outstanding returner on special teams so even Jabar Gaffney might not be around you got to wide out to get the quarterback what do they still -- They still need safety desperately. They still need right tackle desperately and I think they're more likely to spend big money on the right tackle. Then the safety because you can get. Bodies to plug in at safety in the right -- PD more than a body in there are some interesting possibility is that just opened up. Because of salary cap situation as the Houston Texans released. Eric Winston and Levi Brown was released by the Arizona Cardinals brown had a seventeen million dollar cap hit coming up until the Cardinals had the dump him but either one of those guys would clearly be one of the best free agent tackles on the market now either -- -- be expensive but they were. Unexpected. To be available I think the Redskins would do well to find a way to -- -- enough cap space to sign one of -- Trevor will stand by case the Redskins make any more moves will have you here lockdown csnwashington.com.

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