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Garcon: 'I'm trying to take it to the house'



  1. Floyd Mayweather1:10
  2. Victor Ortiz0:50
  3. Arab League0:46
  4. Washington DC2:42
  5. Tampa Bay1:37
  6. Yugoslavia1:05
  7. Maryland2:33
  8. Seattle2:50
  9. free agency2:10
  10. tragedy struck0:13
Thu, 15 Mar 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Here Haitian heritage and there's a lot of players in the national hopefully I actually think I heard you on the radio being interviewed about this. Back when the tragedy struck down there amended that a year afterwards that you talked about how I make this a group of players out there that know their football. I guess yes and I -- that include a real Lemond is the other area. You know and Jason -- of a lot of data on the defense aside against the -- and around it until he's -- -- I guess. Didn't -- page if you think if they -- like there -- around it and chase again and exactly. Patient's decision on river on boxer -- heard an honest. -- -- -- -- buddy of mine isn't Italian or the other get back in the ring and he got hurt he -- and try to get that championship volleying Arab League he's finding him this this this summer I think his agent Victor Ortiz and the reality it's got to get that. The greatest players of all time. So describe your game I was there you were there house then it was rough -- both guys down both guys stuff this time how's that felt like -- like. It was Yugoslavia -- it was a pretty good way to Ortiz maybe got exposed. By the -- -- from Floyd Mayweather but that's for a different segment because this is all about -- -- on here. Number -- No regular person has that number amended deal will be done and. Not a matter -- it and now audio stuff -- good maybe you know and go down and or fifteen. For -- to start off races is in in Norman -- go now. And you know your game to our fans how fast are you -- You burn the Redskins on more than check out the tape of this man against Tampa Bay and knows what track. Odd man mountain my game I just try to make a play it was a matter of the volume you narron on me to Z gets no one else went right into first -- -- draftees and house I'm trying to. Helped the team -- in the -- isn't in on any position and playing in your hand -- during a risky plays. Did actually -- is nobody announced live on the safeties and cornerbacks form and so they can -- don't play action pass. Sorry I said to you wanna mention for the first I was a minute we really could usually because a game breaker did that did you analyze teams needs. As free agency was common -- I know you got paid. Congratulations. You're doing very -- the bank but in terms of how you fit in this team could use a guy like you -- are you aware of the situation here do a great degree. Oh yes you know they want to you know put the ball in hand he normally plays I wanna hand -- anyone I know they want. Please don't wanna glitz and they knew very assisted on the game goes the first one refer seems tired from Maryland DC do -- -- British -- in -- out. They contact -- first and they do their -- a bunch. Or once a young guns. -- -- Washington DC. Check them well Pierre -- on one of the newest Redskins good luck to -- and -- -- honestly getting listen to touchdowns via big. Want -- Seattle I have to say it. CSN Washington dot com.

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