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Garcon: 'I'm trying to take it to the house'--3/15



  1. Floyd Mayweather1:07
  2. Andre Guerrero0:35
  3. Victor Ortiz0:47
  4. Washington DC2:39
  5. Tampa Bay1:34
  6. Arab League0:44
  7. Yugoslavia1:02
  8. free agency2:07
  9. tragedy struck0:10
Thu, 15 Mar 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

Last year Haitian heritage and there's a lot of players in the national hopefully I actually think I heard you on the radio being interviewed about this. Back when the tragedy struck down there amended that a year afterwards that you talked about how I hate -- this a group of players out there that know their football. I guess yes and I was like yeah and -- -- -- -- the is the only area. Known Jason for -- bonds down on the defense aside against the -- and around it until he's playing well I guess. Didn't -- page if you think if they need isn't like there are around it and chase again and exactly the. -- decision Andre Guerrero boxer and I heard an honest. -- -- That's -- good buddy of mine isn't Italian -- -- -- get back in the ring and he got hurt he was and try to get that championship volleying Arab League he's finding him this this this summer I think his -- Victor Ortiz. The rerouting and he's got to get that. We're responsible to. So describe your game I was there you were there house then it was rough -- both guys down both guys stuff this time how's that felt like Ellis played. Yeah it would Yugoslavia -- it was a pretty good way to Ortiz maybe got exposed. By the sort of -- from Floyd Mayweather but that's for a different segment because this is all about beer -- on here. Number eighty. No particular person has that number amended deal to be dominant. Not -- it did allow audio stuff freshen good maybe you know and go down and or fifteen. For -- to start off races is in you know -- -- -- now. And maybe -- your game to our fans how fast are you be. You burn the Redskins on more than check out the tape of this man against Tampa Bay and knows what track. Man mountain my game I just try to make a play Arizona at the volume you -- -- -- -- -- you get so one half way right into first -- -- -- -- I'm trying to. Helped the team -- me -- isn't in on any position and playing in your hand and during risky plays. Did actually -- is no black massive almost saved his car best form and so they can -- don't play action pass. Sorry but I said to you wanna mention for the first I was a minute we really could usually because a game -- did that did you analyze teams needs. As free agency was common I know you got paid. Congratulations. You're doing very -- but in terms of how you fit in this team could use a guy like you -- are you aware of the situation here do a great degree. Oh yes you know they want to you know put the ball in hand he normally plays -- wanted to and -- want I know he -- Please don't wanna glitz and they knew very assisted on the game goes the first one -- seems tired from DCD you always we're interested in and out. They contact me first and think we -- -- it's a bunch. Who wants a young guns coming to Washington DC. Check them well Pierre -- on one of the newest Redskins good luck to mandate am honestly getting listen to touchdowns via big. Want -- to see Africa Africa setting up.

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