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Wizards' Wall played for Young and McGee



CSN Washington dot com. NBA now the Washington Wizards had only ten players on the roster last night against the Hornets after trading away both nick young and JaVale -- a point guard John Wall simply raised the level of his game. Led the Wizards to a surprising victory. Both of these seats in the bottom of the NBA when it comes to wins Washington. Play some inspired basketball tied game in the fourth Roger Mason junior comes alive pocket and -- -- points off the bench seventeen coming in the second half. Later it's Mason coming up with the steal and ahead of John Wall for the exclamation point. Wizards get the win 9989. After -- -- -- Big -- really don't going to learn from guys you lost today coming sudden teammate Christian in his season went on. He had it from I am playing around -- marching teammates you guys inside had those guys enough. Right and play hard as -- It's tough we were real loss to three players that were teammates of arms and that we're here for awhile and two of them. And that we were close and it's always it's always tough loosen. Teammates. -- -- but that's the nature of the business and now we go to we got to embrace to him to -- teammates coming in here. And I thought our guys. For the day. -- and what it was you know fought through a lot of adversity to come out here and get a win. CSN Washington dot com.



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