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Chris Miller reports from the Terrapins' huge comeback win over Texas A&M



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Sun, 25 Mar 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Staring down -- prospect of losing in the sweet sixteen after trailing by as many as eighteen voices defending national champion Texas CNN Aggies. The Maryland women showed grit heart and downright toughness down the stretch. Become an elite for the four time since 2006. The foursome of Mitzi Hawkins Thomas and Kaiser combined to score 69 of the team's 81 points. Did they came out with a knockout punch early they were really extremely hot from the perimeter but. We just try to settle down our team -- we know it's a game -- -- our poison our composure and I thought we were able to close that gap going into halftime. What do you think in the era -- to. They hit their first five threes do you think. Okay they were gonna miss. I'm just thinking you know they. And not have a sense -- that I like that so all around game is about runs and we knew our members coming so it's 76 lead into halftime and -- We just played twelve strong you know when -- when the -- I'm in the big game we just pick each other up on the fight each other into the by the sense. I mean you needed all told they didn't to us don't really believe -- was everybody believes this out of Madison. Pretty much are we fight to finish -- a slow start has been our motto all season we're gonna continue this into a mental mistakes on how much we want -- now how much solidify. You know we never gave up when he southern even when we did because we got back we recuperating so we need to do we did it. You know I can't speak enough -- Thomas was not enough shots eight teams crashed the boards -- that it was just fight and I think we just fought it and and I think we just thought we thought we qualified. Couple of injury notes Alyssa Thomas ECC player of the year tweaked her ankle in the first ever really showed no ill effects. Scored 21 points. And -- Hawkins went down hard in the second half on her tell ball. She says she's definitely got to be great plate Tuesday it would take an act of congress for that not to happen. The difference find themselves forty minutes away from advancing to the final four in Denver. Covering that serves in Raleigh, North Carolina Chris Miller Comcast sports net CSN Washington dot com.

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