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Csnwashington.com. Get direct and highlights Michael Driver face in the lighting for the first time since last year's playoffs. No scored the first we moved to the second Mathieu broke Alexander sad that he gets the vote straight -- by seven. Roll they get to wake up their end of jamming and in the post comedy would redeem himself -- moments later broke back to examine them and hope that. Rips it right viral that great timing here stepped into it without left leg gets all the power. -- a mile an hour shot easy over the -- under the cross -- We're still the second Alex Ovechkin by the wide open Mike -- this guy. And by rob and his biggest advantage of the nice dog got a -- it through the back connected that right on the ice at the goal moloch. In an unhappy Mike greens. -- moments after that happened on the power play stamp goes by Teddy Purcell back. And -- tied this game at one lot of great shots need to get that across the driver got a good side to side to cut down there. Unfortunately for the capitals lightning would strike -- 45 seconds later they found impeded the Victor -- this last week's divers to one -- Never -- -- -- -- that whoever doesn't get a few that Kevin does a great job of walking out capitals ball August 3 period office Brantley play. Great -- takes a shot there seven. That -- in the rebound we're excited to do Dutch America's got to get through that looking for the three ground. Stick on the -- that's way too easy but you gotta get to -- -- to -- the caps skated to at least overtime -- final minute and go out. It just legal sure Stephen stand Coste gets it home for his 57 bluntly just finds a way to get to those pucks -- -- -- net worth awful Wideman. Pick on the ice. And that at the beautiful and easy goal but he's been posted he would later -- his 58. With an empty net goal. And that is Hollywood and it. He and Florida forward to the finals as we get through a look at our game summary brought you by -- -- logistics. Engine regular that would did logistics we'll tell you that Alexander seven and I've done with a goal and an assist. But he was Donnie and Mike Stevens and goes two goals and assists and the best goaltending that I belong to Tampa's Dwayne Roloson. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Dwayne Roloson2:16
  2. Alex Ovechkin0:34
  3. Michael Driver0:04
  4. Teddy Purcell0:50
  5. Tampa's2:15
  6. Hollywood1:52
  7. Florida1:54
  8. Mike greens0:45
  9. left leg0:26
  10. power play0:48
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