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SportsTalk Live: RG3 has made the decision for the Colts



CSN Washington dot com. Tour ball so okay. The Colts and we're playing -- -- -- the Colts are playing games where we are RG three. What -- degrees inside the games and must stop here you know really he would not know that I. I am not working out into a private workout for you can work out and isn't all pro day -- every team looks at. A lot of teams across the rest -- who moved up to get him. Consider not going requested so -- -- -- -- URG three made it easy decision for him to the playbook. So I think they never had any intention drafted Emmitt I think we're bringing him for work out of sorely using him to creating leverage. For the negotiations as welcome and I know we we know what slotted at the still negotiable aspects that contract incentives and such. What why go work out for them if you know they're taking that jalopy known all along -- -- Angela. He wants to be DC I think that's part of it too he was a Broncos fan growing up he respects my share that. He's Smart enough football wise you know he fits the system very well. So I picked. Understand your got a situation you look it would Jimerson has done yet I believe he had a right to say and do whatever he wanted to do in -- situation. But he was doing things the wrong way. You have to be professional has already -- all the team but you can't be stupid. And he was doing everything on Twitter as he did today against RG three to go on trying to make himself. Yeah bigger and better and I think you know you look at this young man he is a guy who's straight at a point. He's got a little deal wanna do a lot of rip -- so he's. I don't want to hit -- just because you know what Tony Dungy was head coach there you never heard much of Jim Irsay certainly not. There is goofy stuff I want to earlier it's got a guy quit drinking maybe surgery -- again because he's doing is making a fool themselves for some of the stuff he's doing an adult was about me is the ball mean mean mean me. Yeah the owner -- red you step back a little bit but I wonder how that's gonna play out for them. In long term if if he's getting out of control in and that's gonna. Caused some problems -- you look at him up they either have a lot of all resolve their right now people see people like Jeter Giles and you see people against Ryder. -- person out there out front type of people -- somebody's got sore arm it's got some. Doesn't like to be out to -- all the Sutton. Now they get a little feel that they wanna be on the wanna do so much -- -- -- the team to jet game cook. Was five when the best almost ever. He only eighteen he got the right people he stood back yeah he didn't care about what was going -- -- gaudy rings committed to play well that it would he walk round it looked up. It was with them there that's enough thought I thought Bobby Mitch who shelled do you all doable -- for it it could of that alternate perhaps anywhere yet. He what did you depleted all that -- really how you say no mystical. And he's been checks I guess exactly. It's -- -- let me keep on like first I go back to be said about you but that the court you know my helmet the logo and I was sort of just honored. Mean how about what he stole the team from Baltimore. You didn't do it better your dad did so you need this you need to back off a little bit you know I'm -- is an excellent -- -- say it he's been hypocrite. Well any any of these be careful here CSN Washington dot com.



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