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Csnwashington.com. -- you're having a bad season when losses are okay because you'll probably get a better draft not to Richard for the -- to lose but. You get the idea who is currently have the second worst record in the league it's not welcome the Pacers to Chinatown. Trevor Booker Rashard Lewis and -- all missing the game. Various injuries start the first Jordan Crawford from way down to -- -- thirteen of Washington's first -- two points. Indiana started off -- as well Darren Collison a nice drive and dish to Roy Hibbert. Pacers hit ten of their first eleven shots Collison was seventeen and eleven assists on the night the second quarter Roger Mason what. Particularly on -- that's what he does best. -- eight points was down one at halftime. Washington in the third John -- alleys and being Seraphin. He had nineteen points ten boards the Wizards with their first lead but the Pacers borderline team by decent camera blocking the vastly shot. Moments later Paul George outnumbered on the break it still comes up with the block there in transition. Danny Granger takes the outlets and knocks down that jump or part of -- 1661. The Wizards never make a run in Atlanta wins it or Indiana -- rather hear 10996. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Roger Mason0:38
  2. Danny Granger1:05
  3. Rashard Lewis0:16
  4. Darren Collison0:29
  5. Jordan Crawford0:21
  6. Paul George0:59
  7. Roy Hibbert0:31
  8. Trevor Booker0:15
  9. Pacers0:13, 0:32, 0:54
  10. Wizards0:52, 1:10
Wed, 4 Apr 2012|

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