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Alan May breaks down the Capitals-Bruins playoff series



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Mon, 9 Apr 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Joining me now are caps analyst Alan may from Dallas and Allen biggest concern going into this first round series with Boston lies in net. Tomas vocal and and Michael labor both injured. So the rookie Brady hold the becomes the fifth -- to start a playoff game for the caps in the last four years is he ready for the challenge. -- think without a doubt when you look at ratings record in 21 games he has fourteen wins. And he certainly has the confidence and composure just the right amount of cockiness to make him a starting goalie and he's the last guy on earth that will tell you he's not ready he's looking forward to this he knows the history behind NHL as a rookie goaltenders that have gone all the way to win -- Stanley Cup and he's right in that category guys at least he believes sort of flowers -- goaltender has confidence the rest your team should have confidence in the guy in the back -- back there in the crease. Amounts of -- is used to having to face teams best defenseman. But how poorly handled the size and strength of Zdeno Chara Chara who's 69. Boy you know the biggest thing when you're playing against a guy that is six foot nine and has -- reach like he does. If you don't wanna take to talk to him so Alex's have have to find ways to get to open ice and -- -- one timers Adam and and the other side of it. He should punish him rather than letting him come after -- come after a veteran a veteran should put the puck in his corner. -- a physical beating on him so he's about 230 pounds he's solid he's powerful. And I think he could Wear down Chara if he goes after I don't think he should wait for turn to come after him he should definitely be the aggressor. The caps won three or four meetings of the Bruins in the regular season had these two match up for the postseason. Well I really think it's in the capitals favor I think their first place team that with all the adversity the injuries that they had this year. They're finally getting on track to have all their best players back Baxter and how old vets get healthy Mike greens back in the lineup until the thing missing all of the goaltenders but really what they need to do. Just play them aggressively the most talented players on the ice or in the Washington Capitals up front. They have the four most help the forwards in the series if the two fastest players in the confidence America so I think they really have to play an aggressive team used their speed. Go back to playing good offensive hockey. And not sit back and really that's going to be the key for the capitals that is to pressure the bruins' go after the play as much time as they can in the offensive zone. Rather than sitting back and just waiting for the Brewers figure to come after them. We'll see how they start things off Thursday night in game one Alan may our caps analyst thanks for the time. Thank you Z -- in Washington dot com.

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