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Tue, 10 Apr 2012|

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CSN Washington dot com. Welcome everybody -- playoff addition of capitals lunch box Kellie -- Joined by our faithful left Winger who did not think that we're going to be here. At this time I think we've heard it from you since November as a outright yet but here we are you react and you're looking very -- to that. Yet growing a beard for charities are ready go and to me. Chip and and back by popular demand we have. Now -- and welcome back to sacks tackles so my demands work. It's good you know and that of the ladies his play and joining us in just a little bit on the found we'll have Joseph Hagerty. From our CSN New England Brad -- And will be introducing him momentarily but first let's talk the series the caps made the playoffs finally. And matched up against the Bruins. It seems like it was maybe the toughest match up that they were going to have to face the here we are. Maybe the biggest mismatch it would be fair to say between goaltenders he had somebody who has 21 total games in their career for somebody who has double that. In playoff experience Al. This whole team -- outplayed Tim Thomas in order for the caps to be successful in the series. It would be nice but I don't think it's necessary. I think what -- hoping he has to do is is do what he seems to do best. He's been in kind of big high profile games -- never bigger than this idea I understand that but. He seems to come up large when they've needed in the these Hockey Night in Canada games he did a great job the other night. At Madison Square Garden. As long as he doesn't try and overdo things when he gets a little emotionally out of control and tries to make a spectacular play as opposed to just being a rock solid goaltender. That's what he gets in the trouble -- that solid guy I think the team in front of them will make that determination as long as he got let in any. Bad or overly aggressive stupid goals right JP how much you invest in experience in this case. Well I mean I think experience matters but this is give -- -- fourth straight year that the caps are going to be going with rookie goaltender you know the first two years -- Lama played in the playoffs. He was a rookie then however Lester was working now hopefully. I don't think that drop off for nor ever to hold these big maybe as some people think it is. I think has to drop off from for content nor Evert and hopefully it was a little bigger and obviously none option caps have right now and comes from when. But I think that Brady -- is good enough. It might be good enough and I think that if he's and relatively mistake free. Then the caps have a chance. Only got the biggest issue facing the caps out of the way knowing that -- he's talking about at least. But of course this is the former this is the reigning Stanley Cup champion team that they're going to be facing. So aside from goaltending aside from the fact that this team is stacked on each line every line for the Bruins is capable of scoring. Of course we know about Zdeno Chara what are the keys to the capital success now. A couple things that stand out in my mind in an -- that's the kind of begins with a you know one of those of the tree falls in the woods have a questions. Which is for the capitals if you're number one center is playing on the second line. Is that the second line nick Baxter who should Mara and Alexander salmon to me he could be the key to all this. Because you know Claude Julien will get Chara out there against Ovechkin right. We all expect that so with Brooks like Jim Brower and just a couple of Rams battering each other. What happens and when that quote unquote second line comes out there with some real firepower. Now that -- Max who seems to be back to being -- back to. Could that be the matchup that then favors the capitals particularly those injuries on the Boston blue line persist. Is that going to be the difference making line for this capitals team another thing too especially teams particularly on the power play I like the fact that they removed -- -- can from the point. But he's got to buy into the fact that he needs to be the presence. Up front down low create the Havoc on the power play if you get Green and Wideman at the points I don't wanna see all the on the half -- he doesn't do much for me there. Give me Baxter who give me like him and give me a vets you know front and maybe you could start turning some. Bruin aggression into some power play goals and that would ease a lot of pressure and if he keys to success. So yeah I mean I like house keys that wears the caps had. Heard those two years ago you know second -- scoring and a decent power play -- -- helped against Montreal a little bit but accurate are my -- Get pucks out to get him in and get him on first of all you know get the pucks out of zone in the camping fumbling around. And failing to clear the puck when they have the puck in the defensive zone. They can't be messing around in the neutral zone and I get pucks in. And then they -- get pucks on net preferably with traffic and then the second. -- that got is that they've got to be. Disciplined but stand up for themselves and it's it's a thin line to walk there. But they can't let the Bruins intimidate them they can't let. You know the Brad Marchand. Dumb media then like it like he did with us being in Stanley Cup finals last year. So they've got to be physical and they've got to stand up for themselves but they can't take retaliatory penalties. I think for me at least two keys really quickly. We talk about -- -- B I think -- to be better than good so I think good isn't good enough when a team like the capitals has. A defense that can just collapse on you and say we've seen that time and again sometimes his defense is just too inconsistent for goalie to only be good. The other thing that comes to mind Zdeno Chara if he's on your best player you need to be pressuring him more you take out Chara he banged him up. Then maybe doesn't put as much pressure on your top goal scorer so to me. Two major keys and with that note I'd like to introduce Joseph Hagerty from CSN New England welcome Joseph -- that you. Thank you for joining us now I've read up a little bit about what you've been writing about this week. But we want to hear from your perspective OK so your on this team all the time. We know that this is a very consistent team but they're going up against consistent offense on every line. Suffocating defense a vezina trophy winning goalie what is there Achilles -- -- what should be caps exploits in order to be successful against the Bruins. -- you got kind of touched on this a little bit but I definitely think one of the keys in this series. Is going to be that second defenseman Eric that's going to be going up against the the seven back strong line and it looks to me like it's going to be. Johnny boy -- Andrew Ference and they're gonna be the number three and four defense the guy that Seidenberg Ciara. Shut down pairing that was so effective and so good last year when the Bruins went all the way to the Stanley Cup so. I think the job that they have to try to shut down those players only offensive player is going to be a big time challenge. There's gonna be something that it's gonna stress level elevate you know there are times when when Johnny boy Jack will pinch hit the wrong opportunity that decision making out sometimes. You know isn't the greatest and I think that's something that can certainly be exploited and -- indifferent to be overpowered at times throughout the that is not the biggest guy in the world. So I think that stuff will be interesting to watch it'll also be interesting to see what Claude Julien doesn't there. I know what what dale hunter in the end it -- -- you're gonna see a lot of matchups. If you're gonna see a lot of last change is becoming big part of what's going on merit. I was feeling it could -- is gonna go boy -- concerns against that line he's also gonna go with. The Patrice Bergeron fourth line against those guys may be part of the time and uses that line up the Marchand and Bergeron say it was kind of shut down defense line. Why not only -- player like Bergeron I think it the best two way center in the game it is probably -- when the -- he award this year is the best defensive forward. John curious we saw Claude Julie and the rest. Tim Thomas. We saw little parade of some interest in goaltenders down the stretch. Did he accomplish what he wanted to date time -- out to where he's got the rest but still should be sharpen up to open the post season. Guys AM it will be right when we see how it plays in the post season if you actually was well rested -- up I think. They feel like they gave him sufficient rest to be able to. To move forward to have success here in the playoffs but. You know it's basically played 59 games which is more than he usually does that was the most he's played since 2006 -- seven. I get to play in sixteen games straight in late February and march went to -- mentality injury before they got Marty -- And I don't think it was an ideal situation I think the -- -- freely admit that it wasn't an ideal situation as far as resting. I got its gonna be 38 years old during this playoff series so. -- -- -- I think obviously will see what happens there and ended UT huge key. To this playoff series against the Washington Capitals because you know that Ovechkin and seven. And all those guys back Strom Brooks like there are gonna get their offensive opportunities they're gonna get chances to do damage it's gonna be up to -- -- -- to stop them. And at this Bruins team willow would a Stanley Cup and will not. Go deep into the playoffs since then the last and Thomas stop the ball thirty 93% of the shots these bases. You know he needs to be really good really elite and really dominant for them to have a lot of success in the playoffs so. It's gonna be interesting to watch how well rested years but he did look really good the last two to three weeks like he -- A second wind after looking absolutely exhausted towards the end of February in the beginning of march. I think -- and -- are both members mutual of the members of the Joseph Cora go admiration society not. So it tags if you can give us werder to a red meat about how terrible GO court -- this year. And what we can expect from him in the series. I look at college. One of the biggest defensive liabilities I've ever receive the Bruins uniform since I've been covering the team. He was an absolute mistake waiting to happen on the ice for the last this year you know he's obviously we -- in the battle areas on in the defensive end and they knew that going in but. Made a lot of really bad decisions battle with his confidence was not good enough offensively. Ops that a lot of the defensive but deficiencies but he -- out there and mistakes but -- makes. And really was dragging around whoever was on his defenseman pairing with him when he was out there on the guys that being said Adam equated Eric. And it looks like he's a real question mark and I were practicing right now it looks like it's the after effects still of that Jason generic charging that. That he took the last and they play in the regular season so I'm not expecting him to be able to stand at the end beginning of the playoff series and Joseph corporal was in there and has played. And he was I'm one of the power play unit was Zdeno Chara -- that says to me when he had practiced that he can play. And it really I think it becomes an area where other teams can attack in the big weakness. Out there on the on the defense for another team it was funny I asked why -- is available defensemen corps about the match ups and all that stuff and kicked up. Every single defenseman name. Instead. I have confidence that this guy can do the job defensively we -- -- -- he didn't mention Joseph -- he's the only -- adamant that the defense record they didn't mention. Then after that instead. We're gonna be Smart with Joseph -- we're gonna have put -- places where you can succeed so. That -- right there there are a lot of data and defensively either how that you couldn't see much of the -- aside from power plays. In real specific opportunities to put them out there. Claude did meet Providence city he actually I. Yeah okay well. I think he will be will be uniformity get on the bench I like to -- you're gonna play this here's Thomas cavalier role but the but the Bruins where. They're gonna try to find places where they can item on the ice when he actually have to go out there. Think it -- that. -- you know -- I thought one of the things last year that was a real key to that run through the Stanley to the Stanley Cup. Was. Unbelievable consistency and play of the third and fourth lines. Are they all kind of intact and they'll still bought back into their role and the difference makers that they they were last year can could be this year as well. Yeah I think I'd look a little different this year personnel is different because of injuries and free agencies so it Chris Kelly is the one constant. He was great last year he had his first one Eagles season this year he's really been a great player for them. Great two way player and he has that been -- -- -- got. And Brian -- and on either side and I'll be the third line they were -- they were arguably Boston's best line in the final month of the season. And look like they're going to be able to be effective offensively and kick it in and beat that depth lines -- the Bruins had as a weapon last year during the playoffs so. You know they were great then it'll be interesting to see what happens once the playoffs really start. But hopefully got very unpredictable guy you you know trick or treat. Well -- 39 years old but he seems to have that veteran sort of burst of energy once the playoffs get there so that'll be interesting to watch as well. Exactly it's been comprised before right now anyway. I think -- IA Shawn Thornton Gregory Campbell they gave them energy this year. Not as good a year they have a year ago where they chipped in more offensively and they were able look. You know to be positive plus minus players in the you other teams out of the back of the net they had a few more. Defensive issues this year as as a fourth line wasn't as good a year but. I would expect them to bring the game up a notch when it comes to the point -- the one X-Factor here. -- those two line is Jordan -- really impressed over the last couple of months when he got playing time due to injuries. Right now he's skating at the actual four on the fourth line but I expect him higher than about. -- but that roster spot of playoff. Had his coming Connie -- yeah I believe we had a it just checking it and if we're -- we're quite as tight as you and -- But before we like to go on and thank you because you had some really good stuff that you just brought to us for -- let you go and you prediction from you on the series. I I go up Bruins is seven games I think the caps are not. But typical numbers seventh seed they're gonna give me everything they can battle for a really. If you look at adding you you're a fan of the Bruins remember the team you could potentially have to play the caps Penguins in the Rangers going through the Eastern Conference. It's gotta be it -- late in the garage and it starts with watching. Iowa thanks so much tags. And I'm sure I'll be meeting you when your backed down here in Washington. This guy that I am at your disposal any diving. I think yeah. I guys well we heard from them we've talked a little bit about the keys to success but if there's one player. On the capitals that they're successor -- upon who is. Like get -- -- to keep with my second line and steam I think I know we get from -- backs from I think I know we get from Jason should maravent do we ever know what we get from Alexander seven. He I think has played well offensively particularly. Down the stretch. And I think that you reuniting or the uniting with nick -- Has really helped him out as well if this is the good Sasha. That we can get through the playoffs -- Then I think the capitals will be well served so I'm gonna have to say it's Alexander salmon as my difference maker you paint. I'm gonna go -- John Carlson. Obviously guy had a difficult sophomore season but that's all in the past now. He's back across and -- his security blanket and they're going to be the top pairing for the caps. And they're going to be tasked with shutting down the bruins' top forwards. And -- is going to be tasked with getting the puck up ice and it's going to be huge if he can do -- he can play Smart controlled hockey. It's going to be a difference maker for the caps. Well I think it's tough for me not to go with captain Alexander Ovechkin. It's finally time for him to prove his worth and show everybody that doesn't matter what happened during the regular season another down season. That's in the past its time to form in the playoffs. -- mention -- Tim Thomas thirty years old coming off. A tough season for -- he's getting up there I think at this is the time that you could see someone exploit them and Alex Ovechkin with as much talent as he has. Needs to bring it and actually. Make that the top top line even though he has so much talent underneath and we need that top line scoring for the capitals as well if they're going to be successful. So with that predictions gentlemen. I I in my huge Saint Louis cardinal baseball fan and I've noted that in the last two World Series championships. That they earned in 2006 and last year. They basically limped their way into the post season and got something done after years where they were. The best record in baseball and couldn't anything getting anything done so. If this is the capitals duplicating the St. Louis Cardinals they're gonna have to do overcome a few demons including a game seven. So this is going to be the year that they sneak up on everybody as opposed to being the favorite to. Falls why not the capitals. In seven. Perhaps a little unfair to compare the capitals to this franchise with a couple titles already under their belts but. I'll give -- Allen JP wearing grant. -- I'm gonna go to the Bruins in six. There are very very strong team you know we saw of the Bruins -- November's. Just look unbeatable. Then I think they got maybe a little bit bored with the regular season a little bit nicked up. I think this is a very good team they've played well last couple weeks it looks like they flip the switch. And frankly don't know that the caps can stick with them but I'll give him six. Maybe two wins for the caps. Great performances from hoping. Man well. Being the optimist soundness that always always obvious that you JP adding an inning -- the capitals in seven games it is going to be a tough series. I think in the and the capitals legged out. I just. I don't know I just I'm optimistic this time of year and I think maybe it's the time of year that they don't repeat the demons of the past. And they move forward and maybe it's something happens magical the next round I don't know but I do think they get this one. And forward JP and I'll always great to have you guys also for -- on the line. I'm Kellie Cowan and we will see you at next time no matter what happens on capitol lunch box. CSN Washington dot com.

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