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CSN Washington dot com. -- -- ladies and gentlemen -- coach Joseph Gibbs is a big event come of that may sixteenth that the -- -- this -- will tell you about the second I was a goal of it's going dead while -- NFL right now my headed to the challenge it. That's and they often said that I don't their body I think I spent half my life out here for. Four years it's always it's your own comeback a redskin park see everybody a lot of faces. Then. He cannot realize went through the wars with this it's fine I think everybody here's excited right now I think we got some. Exciting stuff going on -- they draft is going to be a big DL and not. So hopefully now I'm as excited as ever other redskin fan. If not -- -- of aggression this question but I saw the ladies at the desk with that youth for tomorrow is the cause that you -- coach Gibbs established years ago but. Pass elated that the does -- at these three trophies -- that these these are here because it Joseph Gibbs and his teams when you come in the building how do you feel when you see those trophies. It's tough they are very proud. It wasn't the NL I was thrilled to be a part of it. I think we're always reflect back nomad it resolved. Coaches they've got to go with us through those three Super Bowls so it was the players. We just had our reunion with Manny Evans came back and we had a chance that. Think about all the memories everything that we shared together but also. It is the front office. And never ever buy that works so hard to get all that done you know hard that is and then our fans. I think pat and I she still has so many memories. -- has some rfk. Our first go around them all the people standing up there -- matter when we scored touchdowns or what have you. I think you -- love. It was just. Everything I think emotionally for us was just a big part of our life I thought maybe it was just me they got that felt that way. And -- all the players came back. Almost every single one of them says the exact same thing I -- is one of the greatest periods and our life. It was a thrill to be here it I think this is the greatest sports franchise in the world. But the greatest fan base in the world -- is thrilled to be a part of all that. It's -- about the draft excited about what's happened now the rest as I know you stay in touch down I. -- Stanton has talked to stand in the trying to discount to stay updated on what's going on. He's going so hard I'm going so hard bent down. I -- trying to just just keep up I'm probably. We have one of the biggest fans ever always always will be a big part of our life is still here. Pat JD -- Oliver surf wrapped up -- -- -- I -- I can't walk down the hall had brits had at the race team. Went down they've now turned -- is something about the Redskins or something you know we always keep that day it is so. He got a great to have fan following down my dad Joseph Gibbs racing. On a -- is a big Denny Hamlin that they rescue -- junior is a big raise them out of your team. We're gonna see him winning you know I mean I'll -- form every week well I think it -- first shortly quite truthful. Yeah now. I would like if he beats us -- I think you'd be good for our sport I think -- on the verge of like he's runner -- well right now I Izzy Izturis -- fans along with DNA in -- much about the other guys down there. They always give me there has very you know when I walk through the garage area that. It's exciting sport I've found that a lot of guys over there would like to be over here when I was here I found a lot of guys here would like to be over there yeah. That sets -- up. It is kind of fun when network. CSN Washington dot com.



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