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Tim Thomas ruffles Slapshot's feathers



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Wed, 11 Apr 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. What the capitals Romney's strong performances from guys like Alex about -- hoping tomorrow against the currents but everyone seems to be ignoring the one guy who can influence the series more than anyone. Slap shot. The capitals mascot -- biggest thing. Earlier today sat down for an exclusive interview you'll only see on Comcast sports. Why am thrilled to be joined here with the mascot the legendary NASCAR for the Washington Capitals slap shot for this exclusive interview. It's great to have you along and and let's start for something like how did you get your name. That's good it's like. Did feel that I died slotted at street helped. That's the earlier this week. In transition back to hockey now. In USA today. The -- Sidney Crosby said about you quote slap shot is for the words. Am getting -- -- followed up. By saying. This guy is a word boring -- yes. Your response. I think many capitals fans would agree with you. And and finally. Your reaction to this. Found my name is Jim Brown is probably for the Bruins I don't like the White House mirror -- I think it's a big. It's me to me it's made there is a joke. This -- and -- and hopefully we'll win. I'm so glad you guys became friends. In this some effort and apparently he did get injury tackle -- Dave McDonald Gonzales getting a little emotional there. A riot act but I think I don't know what doesn't kill. -- -- CSN Washington dot com.

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