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  2. Patrice Bergeron0:57
  3. Zdeno Chara0:41
  4. Alex Ovechkin0:40
  5. Brad Marchand0:38
  6. Marcus Johansson1:01
  7. Mike Reid0:37
  8. the Blue Line1:29
  9. the pats1:41
  10. playoff hockey0:44
Fri, 13 Apr 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Geico sports net central update. Everybody Greg stolen with your Geico sports net central update. Caps and Bruins in game one rookie goalie Braden -- be taken a deep breath before leaving the capitals on to the ice in Boston -- tested early and often. First period the rookie faces nine shots on goal coming out of one fantastic save. After another. Now we expected plenty of physical play in this series and we got it Mike Reid and Brad Marchand -- after each other Alex Ovechkin Zdeno Chara. Didn't disappoint either this is playoff hockey and they were scoreless. After one. Second period Bruins with a four on three power play -- -- on the doorstep. Denied by cold feet loose puck about twenty people with a blocked. But Patrice Bergeron is there for the rebound and slapper -- he deflected away later in the second Marcus Johansson. Makes us sacrificing takes a putts today -- the second time in the game he gets -- -- put up. Coupons and it's a nice little souvenir on his face. Was still scoreless after two. Third period the caps finally putting some pressure on Tim Thomas the last year's playoffs MVP keeps the red lights off despite -- capitals -- Continuing to attack. So we go to overtime in the European capitals attacking real content. Crosses the Blue Line of fire the puck on top of them had saved Boston -- it the other way and it Chris Kelly winding up. And firing it past -- feet and that and did a brilliant effort in goals wasted as the pats lose to the Bruins in overtime. One to nothing. Agree in my hand me on the -- the whole way around you know we had our chances we didn't. We didn't really -- an honor and a few good chances and you know he kept us in there the whole game and and I can't really ask I'm going to keep him after that eighty minutes of hockey every game. You know we gotta we gotta do something. Doubt that was a tough go for any goaltender. How do you expect Creighton team in the -- ideas let's confidence and you know it's one of those shots that. You know Brady inside the post it's. You don't have not really going to and it. And that'll do it from here in the Comcast sports net studios I'm Greg Tallinn for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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