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  1. Peyton Manning's4:28
  2. Washington Wizards2:54
  3. Bo Jackson3:01
  4. John Elway3:44
  5. Lawton4:09
  6. Prague4:38
  7. Broncos3:47
  8. Mom dad1:04
  9. new record0:14
  10. play basketball2:33
Thu, 19 Apr 2012|


She -- in Washington dot com -- Robert well it. Feel like RG three deal like Robert Griff we like. Are -- there is some -- -- yeah -- you don't -- what -- elect people the firmness of these new record for an apartment. Bunker. We're not going to. -- asthma but we're definitely we think. Any angst about the draft debated and talked about talked about it talked about you know you're going one or two is there thanks for your. Always don't put so much pressure on yourself try to figure hours ago. Please go ago ago flow. A lot of things and it's. Go warm and go warm. But to me it doesn't matter how excited were -- to play. Just try to put them aside and -- draft -- -- -- personally called firstly Colts. You know. How many you gonna have addressed. And question you know over ten. Mom dad and sisters. -- some. Common. So hopefully anywhere from 1520. To celebrate. With. You know we see it and you don't get in the guys know what's coming. There's still that moment. Wednesday when your name -- call. You think it'll be an emotional one for you or not it's going to be -- predictable from the seeing guys in the past -- was 11. But if you realize that. You know they're finally realized that the dream came true all the artwork that. To get to that point it's fun field it's that there's not the -- beyond that point. Is still -- big moment in. Wives are could be emotional occurrences. Not -- off with just go with the emotions. Fonts or see how far. Has the NFL dream gone back Q when did you start thinking. But the -- it's. You know it's probably. Seven record if I was basketball some drama -- to be like Michael Jordan -- don't know that anybody doesn't. But I guess we -- issues but we're going to be you know to be like mark and it. Star football chart so centered. First of Morgan wants 66. So it started that. Look at it that a little bit you know really not a to Margie you with the state Watson room at UC news. Before that I was I was looking -- because play basketball so. Probably around that -- -- in America and try to do this. At the next level college and hopefully you know. Stood up bass both fields Jessica that's what you -- so -- me -- -- them Robert. The fifth but you know if you by chance you get picked by the Redskins as a basketball team in town also that could use little help. Washington Wizards to do you did do duel for -- you need Deion. I'm in it it's tough to be at the honor or Bo Jackson -- but I loved the ago that play it was wood's arm wall in the couple's. Pretty exciting -- And I got to focus on football for opposing. When you're on the playground so you start -- -- play football so great on the playground we didn't take who worry. And. First outlet receivers on the play. As fast is Oden never actually got receivers. Then. Knows he's ninety years old. What's the new ball. Snow. Most meticulous global -- thoughts on this course Mexico. So. Play quarterback in the fourth quarter record since then in imitated. John Elway because it's does my team -- the Broncos. I was throughout it's after Iran's hands are -- But. It was great to watch them and as I've modeled on that so -- shall be. My room coming. Kenny state. Oh. And that is old old name a few universities sport that mister Lawton. Well who would you say your game is like right now that. That's a little bit an -- of everything and most out what that's like them. That's a piece of pros quarterbacks do also. You try to have the play action. Stand in the pocket like Peyton Manning's numbers. You know try to like that coming if you do. So. It's been fun it's it's hard in this Prague and play like that -- don't want talk selfless. People say is that it's. She. CSN Washington dot com.

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