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Game 7 an uphill battle for the Caps



CSN Washington dot com. Kelly Kelly joined by Corey Massa second NHL dot com. After game six which the Bruins won it of course forced game seven in their home arena. How much -- home ice advantage matter. Whether it -- love for the Bruins they had. Three of these game sevens last year en -- to the Stanley Cup and to a somewhere in their home building and they won both of them obviously. So yeah I think it's a big deal and we actually UCL captures one they've had a bunch of these game sevens the past few years but this will be the first one and on the road. Really season record is on the caps side and that's. Aaron we know that regular season records can go right out the window. History experience all of that on the bruins' side if you were a betting man Corey who would you taking himself and at that. Well if I were betting -- which -- obviously cannot be nobody I think we have to favor the Bruins know I think I think this was a big chance for the for the capitals the -- Patrice Bergeron wasn't a. Percentage boosted his record boo me they've been through cancer. It's gonna be much -- for ten seasons and seven in Boston. Hostile crowds here in the news is this Bruins team that has been through this and at times with a suspended we'll have to them. Taylor -- finally on the board this -- period. But this playoff series rather for the Bruins turning it on now at the right moment -- I mean I think the big thing was was sitting in and you just dominate this game it was too soon similar to. Eastern Conference finals last year when he. It showed up after not playing in the first two rounds and was just a breath of fresh air for it and things just went through that series around into. It was very -- the ones that. -- -- believe that tonight the Russians -- had to millions his speed is such a difference maker for them and in which he she area a couple of assists. I think they still need more from him and he's supposed to be such a physical presence -- really he hasn't done that except for a few moments here and there in the series -- Eating and other players who really haven't shown up that much until tonight. Alex Ovechkin got his second goal of the playoffs so far. I'm a huge one to force overtime. Everything I don't have a ten. Don't think the -- he's had he's actually had a pretty good citizens. And the physical complications at least it. With Dennis Seidenberg and Zdeno Chara and just been ethnic and -- will be watching those Pittsburgh years just so no I mean I think the big thing I mean. You look at the inspection mountainous and I think their line has kind of been the key to the -- this whole series for the capitals never. The solutions beautifully against Chara and Seidenberg that's got to be those guys to pick up the slack because -- kind of expect divot and turn things to be a drama tonight. Nick affectionate couple of assists get a free pass he was also responsible for two schools and some local supporters want furcal whose parents I think it's. We need to do it on anybody in particular -- -- those two guys and and obviously I mean the caps went through this between the few years ago so. Outstanding for sixty. -- seventy for the record that is. So what is the key to victory for either side whoever comes out on top on Wednesday. Why did they comment on times. -- -- -- hit it seems like the game seven of the Bruins have gone just in the bunch of different directions they had one with with the lightning that was just the one nothing goal was scored late in the third period they had a game with the -- -- they kind of went ahead. Earlier and I think obviously for the capitals they've got to show up. In the first ten -- fifteen minutes of -- -- can't let it get -- 23 goals behind they've got a can weather the storm and then maybe a little little bit of doubt creep in for the Bruins I think they've got to get back to have to frustrating and I mean. The Bruins were frustrated tonight they were they were frustrated in their three. There's three losses in the series or they couldn't get the chances that they wanted to but the there were chances everywhere from both sides and I think they'll want to wanted to be a much tighter game game seven. CSN Washington dot com.



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