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Tue, 24 Apr 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. So locker may be the big cheese in the draft -- in the third got cheese bread tomatoes Peppers and lots and lots of smoke house barbecued chicken. RG three -- for the subway today -- New York City he's joining Michael Phelps Michael Strahan. Jared. And others as subway endorsers. They'll be able to afford plenty of five dollar foot long after he goes as he says one aid to the skins. The Colts.

Filled out the other guy news is better for them and you have to respect them I believe it's so. I wanted to be the number one big mama want it for the loss and that's not -- city the fans are saying that they're excited about me being the quarterback but they're excited about the team that that the Redskins can be. Hang with me as their quarterback not just because of me then they're not confident because I'm coming -- confident because of what's already there then that's a big.

CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Was that annoying or frustrating. Yeah there. How did you deal with the diplomatic way as well minute that is frustrating part is that players play both. And I told them you know in the locker room when they told me or and then don't be upset books. Once we step on the field you know owls offered this team and offer so. That's what that's where you have to approaches you don't take those things in the field and try to become a cancer and distraction to the team you know support the team do you feel the injury at all. It was weaker unstable or anything out of unstable so you know as good today it was very encouraging for me for the doctors for everybody so. Who earlier. CSN Washington dot com.