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CSN Washington dot com. Welcome ever ridden capital lunch box Kellie Cowan join by at JP and if you don't recognize JP. Because got a lot of manhood going on on his face right now. I do I do everybody go donate to charity -- locker room there's some things. From this week we'll welcome Alan may centering airline. Thanks for having me -- we're 33 headed into game seven -- obviously things are going right but there's always something the capitals can be working on so. We're gonna name one thing that the caps are doing right one thing that's impressed you one thing that you think that they need to work on all go first. The capitals PK has looked very impressions of course you saw last game at twelve minutes to kill off including a four minute to play that they had to take care. Don't eleven gold at the last few power play goals that series so far so caps are doing a great job there one thing that they need to definitely work on now. The turnovers and they'll all say that the locker room I'll mention that today he can't turn the puck over we saw what happened in overtime. The facts from an -- -- from a -- can turn the puck over guys believe circles if they. Okay so my thing that I like that the caps are doing I really think that day. Have found their composure after that little game three slip up and obviously Baxter and -- stiffens -- Suspension I think they've done a good job. Sticking up for themselves and playing tough enough for not taking bad penalties. The thing I don't like -- much maybe some of the -- hundred personnel management. I don't understand why keep record. Power play time you can look at Alexander and tonight was fun getting. Maybe minutes he's getting. Over anybody just about but you know you never know what injuries might be you never know. What might be going on behind the scenes but I will say this about dale hunter in his defense. -- perspective let's just step back for a minute realized this guy who has. No NHL coaching experience you know HL coaching experience before this year and here is. In game seven against the defending cup champions and Jack Adams winning coach so you know. There's lot to be said about the job he's done. That's great and it took a long time for this system to. Finally become something of the caps could consistently pull off field honor system and it looks like they're finally doing it Allen. Well I think the five on five play all over the ice the commitment with all the talking and she every player doing it their blocking shots. Leaving the offensive zone early to back up in the neutral zone and I guess the thing that I do not like he is I don't want the capitals getting sucked in -- foreign for player -- shorthanded. Opportunities by players taking dives or players forcing them into. He's -- scuffles after the whistle but the biggest thing is that they play five on five I really like it when they're not five on five in the short and perform for. I don't like the tone of the game and the caps lose. Perspective of pace in the game. Allen if you've been involved in one game seven and that's the most will mention about that game seven however he's been around this team. They're one and four in game sevens in the last four years they have a lot of playoff baggage how much of that carries over -- season. I don't think it matters right now absolutely nothing and you can't take this is a completely different team we've got a different goaltender here you've got different personnel on the backhand. You've got different forwards up top. And it doesn't matter what happened in the past is in the past that he and you look at Boston Bruins they had the same type of thing. So you have to go on this team the capitals are supposed to be your most people had the capsule form five games all every one north of the border very few people had the caps in this. And for them to being game seven as a victory but they have to go in there and realize there's no pressure on them all the pressure pressures on the defending Stanley Cup champions. And they just have to go when they're keeping -- tight. And the tighter they keep it the more upright the Boston Bruins a place to forget about the past I don't think any step in this playoff matters either about road teams winning. I -- Any thing they any number is irrelevant at this time at all what staying in that game can be keeping your composure and is getting the win at the end of the night. Rookie goaltenders stepping up for the capitals Alexander -- three goals in three games. Who was the game seven difference maker JK. For me I think it's got to be Nicklaus faxed him I mean he's an up and down series obviously. Had a bad penalty who has suspension they overcame. Had a couple bad plays in. The last including a turnover and back check on. And your parents physical. He's a guy who can give one -- last seventeen playoff games. Obviously not an goals scored first but we need to feel a little more production out of the -- and I think that faction can take advantage. The matchups the club joy you know throw out there when he has Chara against Redskins line and when he has Patrice Bergeron against the Redskins line. A lot of opportunity for -- Baxter and he has got to step up. I I think the big player that's gonna matter is necklace back from also and one of the reasons as a former player. I feel for him after what he went through the other night -- and he was huge all game long had a couple errors. And the caps read up on both of them so what. For him I actually I want him to be the difference maker and I think a guy who has can possess the puck give them the caps better puck management in the offensive zone. Really quarterback the power play be a difference maker on their. Big in the faceoff circle. But I really think he is the most talented -- -- on the ice and he has to step to the forefront and really that's what these teams -- although when the capitals didn't have a I'm number one and number two center and they struggled all season long without him for forty games. He's gonna have a lot of pressure on himself but you know what. He needs to take it and ride with that I don't fault them for game six the capitals had a lot of opportunities to take care of it then. They're pass by him but you know what as long as he comes up big in this game and they get a win all forgotten. I'm gonna go it Alexander senate since nobody else took him. Three goals in three games impressive. I think coming down the stretch in the regular season and -- definitely turned things around. He's started to play with consistency which she's always struggled to play with. Yet you still turned the puck over yes we see that sometimes but I think he's getting better about it and I think he has a big game tomorrow night. He's passing very well if they would have connected on some of those passes that he cents and Keith Aucoin to weigh and what have you could have beaten the Bruins and insects. So I think Alexander Simon comes up -- I think. It's going to be ignite the caps with that let's get predictions in the -- you because I know -- Barry. Superstitious so we'll go straight to -- Caps win. Plus that's the prediction -- and fourteen. Wow I'm going to matter I I just I'm shocked I don't know it's eight victory that you know at this meet with the -- if you're right two more weeks with me. I'll put up with it. I'm gonna -- -- my original prediction JP had just like to point out you were wrong when you pick to Bruins in six less than two weeks in a row wrong. So I music in my original prediction of caps in seven and with that I'd like to think JP and Allen. Again that's for joining us and we'll see next next week hopefully from it for a positive show. See you next week and couples lunch box. CSN Washington dot com.



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