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Braden Holtby talks about Game 7 against the Bruins



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Wed, 25 Apr 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. -- offer if we play a game and -- leave everything that we have -- of work done so earlier on the ice and we feel pretty confident. Let's keep things so well here -- I don't know I think it's just. Just on the road I think. -- a team and can simplify things and play good road game yeah. Think though when you go underground and are currently. There. Your -- its. -- for the government. Mad and really I mean it's. This city has all the home video examples. Look I don't know if that's what happens in you know you -- -- -- the same you know energize -- bodies through old game and that's you still love him doing Oden and help focusing on the return home. Did you notice that they were thinking they haven't been here some way. Okay the -- and work yeah. Com. I think because there will be opportunities present themselves. I don't think in the news for the didn't intend to do -- and does. -- I would like to change who have both like to hold back a bit but found throughout the series we didn't. Well it. I'd had been giving up please please Q take downs facing them and challenge and and it doesn't happen all the time but so. It was not handing me change my game hope realized it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Home has a lot of announced prom and so to thank you from all level is as the hardcourt not so. I always here that. -- we're hearing stories of the Stanley Cup what is going on a state to keep and you kill but prone to experiencing you you really realize how important importance. CSN Washington dot com.

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