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RG3 hits the field before the draft



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Wed, 25 Apr 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. After a date throwing receivers or four feet tall with questionable hands Robert Griffin the third isn't worried about his draft stock dropping. He did just what any leader would do. Putting the blame on himself that maybe maybe because those that throws the kids had amazing hands and in look at -- -- like Calvin Johnson's those carries and RG three in the rest of the potential first rounder spent the morning teaching kids about football the NFL's play sixty event in Chelsea years. He thinks his style of play can work at the next level. A simple thing is this gonna get. Did you watch is gonna get pretty popular in the NFL. College teams are doing -- a lot in the put up a lot of points and then just attitude. -- attacked while you wait for someone attacks you when you can attack them. You'll likely. Help bring that fearless mentality the quarterback position. From there they were taken in midtown where they will finally hear their names called at Radio City Music Hall where they were on display for the whole city deceit. These are memories that will last a lifetime. -- everything I can out of it have fun. And I'm not worry about what's afterwards because this is a big moment it's it's more important. Tomas my family my mom my dad my friends everybody involved is -- and and as a celebration of the what when I was able to do and what they help me do I in my -- someone to savor it and then when I get drafted him fly to DC we'll get to work. Ever since the Redskins made the trade we've known RG three UV headed to DC so there's not much drama lap except of course. The Sox. What will RG three break out for this occasion. I can't can the multiple and they've got to and in. You welcome Roger Goodell now. -- they'll be fun it's it's not it's not a kicked or anything like that -- -- for the care to suck -- -- good it'll be a good start CSN Washington dot com.