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Redskins fans at FedExField cheer on selection of RG3



  1. Super Bowl1:44
  2. FedEx Field0:49
  3. Washington0:00, 2:16
  4. Redskins fans1:40
  5. TV screen2:02
Thu, 26 Apr 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. I. I think it's great league. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So aside from Boras but -- moment 30 yeah 'cause we're worried mom it. Oh yeah this is is this some government influence in my life was like when you heard his name called. Cent sales Senseo that -- time Senseo. That's real relaxed moment cruise we was hoping that he was our man and you know we came through today is one of the days is gonna change a Redskins for the next ten years. -- say I knew I was when he went RG Revis drafted I was at FedEx Field. You kidding me right. Not an old -- I think that they do all court -- the. Yeah -- -- now baby. I'm worried -- the Redskins are going to be really good team and tough to beat this yeah. -- -- always well. The money or not it was -- not to get the RG three -- It was mass pandemonium and tell you folds DC is the chains and -- RG three is right here tonight. -- does not Superman Superman sucks right here. Look at his work and you -- finals sucks like this. Our 3-D C righted tonight what time is some Redskins fans this kiddy -- We won the Super Bowl. And we want to see blows. Why -- women not. We have guards -- -- on our team. You are failing at their failing. A lot of the held the promise of better days to come here. And RG three on the TV screen and that's what is going to be like Saturday when he shows up in the air borne out. CSN Washington dot com.

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