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Ward: A modern day Jackie Robinson



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  2. New York Rangers0:53
  3. John Thompson1:30
  4. NHL player1:27
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  7. Boston1:33
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Sat, 28 Apr 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. -- it's what every athlete dreams about -- signature moment that defines your career. And there's no moment bigger than an overtime game seven playoff winning goal. That advantage your team and makes you an instant hero. Wildcats fans joined war in celebrating that moment a small faction of fans were upset that the Bruins were abruptly eliminated and opted -- Washington's victory with racial rants on Twitter directed specifically. At war and that's one of the shining moments in his life for people take that road. It's it's embarrassing it's a few people register before. Terrible comments and what -- -- Friday as the caps prepared for their next opponent the New York Rangers. As expected the media crowded around to gain his perspective on the unfortunate circumstances. You know I know what I signed up for my blood everywhere. I was born in this is gonna come into your head -- feel. You know me over for its offensive -- the -- it is what it is and then you know it's it's part of here and part of life and because -- -- this has been a lot of support from everybody does for -- my teammates and organization and even you know the opposition and it's been overwhelming and I've been going on. You know he's trying to. I'm very serious this -- Former NHL player Anson Carter had basketball hall of Famer John Thompson Bulls bit part of their careers in Boston and gave their perspective to the issue. But we'll work. Walk -- and Brandon -- capitals fans. Silver and I -- that in -- -- -- -- hockey -- in the order ignorant people didn't use enough club on zero they had better hope that was protections. The hot political sport that didn't win the British. But -- pop up but it's like there's a good -- the structure of the mainstream media. They're good veteran back then people that believe that our ticket and he did it go like oh you're not but for the -- mature but he's got up from the best man hole. -- -- -- You ignorant people to distract you from what you've given your life through. In terms of German kids yourself ripped from steroids. Work it would continue days. -- images there certainly are hurtful but he should be able to process this. Since I live here in the right direction but yet he's focused -- Woody's joy and success. But the -- do today. -- and his teammates will return to the task should be beating the New York right. CSN Washington dot com.

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