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Capitals-Rangers Game 2 highlights



  1. Henrik Lundqvist0:21
  2. Washington Capitals0:12
  3. New York Rangers0:14
  4. Mike Knuble0:28, 0:38, 0:44
  5. Washington DC3:25
  6. Brad Richards1:37
  7. Jay Beagle1:31
  8. New York City0:08
  9. Ryan Callahan2:22
  10. neutral zone0:37
Mon, 30 Apr 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Let's get to the highlights of this one being in New York City where game two would take place in the battle between the Washington Capitals and the New York Rangers. The capitals get things going as -- hopefully who also was under the gun has got to square off against Henrik Lundqvist to a twelve minutes of the first period kept on the that. Keep it going. Cajole -- at war one Mora Mike Knuble for the goal. And Washington gentlemen. On the bowl. Heads up play by keep it going are here to get the puck back towards great transfer through the neutral zone Mike Knuble -- -- the net three lane drive. And that's why they got the award. Big playoff player right there note to the paint Mike Knuble highlight the nation's capital -- they knew their Rangers fact checkers -- dog tired they executed. Five minutes later -- -- about to expire John Carlson losing the busters prior comes out of the box breakaway chance to break hold stones. Now the whole big save. Leads to a chance on the other end what -- it's America if you had your book was out of his net pitcher -- and them scoring the goal after the hustle plays. It's all about some speed out -- and Jason amount one of the fastest players on the ice he's -- at that time at times during the regular season in the playoffs. One chance of water and it's always talking right now -- may leads to another chants of beat I don't know it. And you hope to be up this and this play here that the Little -- here and play Bible if you get out coveted free particular B Matt -- get -- the -- -- Jay Beagle. Just power that a good idea if it's rare to stick with that quite -- the second period the Rangers -- Brad Richards slamming it home for his fourth in the playoffs. It got to lead 21 caps bat like Jay -- -- looks like they're very good in transition. The guys got mesmerized by the block instead -- taken up Matt. Richards starts -- play and he finishes a play but all types that capsule around him. No one takes them to the neck down things settled down in the second but the best chances belonged to the crap out there that can. Hit the post driven by Lundqvist much -- there to save the day. What you thought that set the Raiders back for a little while got told me some confidence from that shot that he wanted to start shooting five from outside gets that popular everyone battled. That's -- camera work there are definitely -- a -- -- a great opportunity. Kept trying to protect that one believe that there however Mike Knuble gets Ryan Callahan of the -- -- he's in the box. So the Rangers go -- man up and make the -- they Callahan does the honors -- to pass hopefully. To tie the school I still think it's Carlson what Carlson goes down it hit his dad. Callahan is in front itself not a shot that bounces past the blocker they get the. Outside their power play but the Raiders get it right back -- it's called. For holding on Carlson after the power play laughter it would force that. Why the face the winner of that get behind the upper corner cap back on top. Did not collect if I love it nothing -- -- proper ethical course sharp right there excellent movement by over to get. Everyone took part of that -- Broward got to get to the front of the net that helped the power play an old vets since shooting five I think if he. But the closing seconds one more chance to watch this deflection and it hit the crossbar. That some might Delgado shot. But maybe that's why it was over in the cap tonight they escaped a 32 win and even the series at one all week. Game three coming Wednesday night back here in Washington DC. CSN Washington dot com.

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